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I solve problems with health-powered productivity. We'll banish burnout and create healthy habits for real people, your people. Whether virtual or in-person, every presentation matches your organization's needs to ensure the outcome you're after is the one your group takes away.

Email Extinguisher

Dread checking email? Avoiding your “unreads”? Feel like you can't put your phone down even for a few minutes?

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Time Power-Ups

Stuck checking boxes on an endless to-do list?
Never have enough time to do what you want?
Not sure what to do next?

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focus power-ups
Pulled away by your phone?
Thinking of your inbox during dinner?
Feeling behind, even though you worked a full day?

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Meeting Power-Ups
Leave meetings wishing you could get that hour back?
Struggle to stay focused and engaged, especially on all those video calls?

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Work Well Remotely
Working long hours and having a hard time shutting down?
Distracted by notifications and noise?
Do your daily steps consist of walking to your desk to the kitchen and back again?

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Manage Well Remotely
Worried about keeping your team engaged on endless video calls?
Are folks lost, communicating across a million different channels?
Do you wonder if they're working too little or too much?

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everyday energy
Are you tired of being tired?
Overwhelmed by the health gurus who only care if you look good naked?
Wishing there was something you could do for your health that actually works for real people?

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sample presentations

Focus Power-Ups: Manage Distractions and Be Present

Behavior change mini-workshop

Everyday Energy

Task Mastery

What's Your Joe Joe?

Hack the Mobile Lifestyle

How to Stop Sugar Addiction

what to expect

  • Prompt, friendly interactions.
  • Detailed understanding from a pre-event scorecard of what you and your attendees need to make your event a success.
  • RaderCo Go-To Guide and Power Tips with links, references, and resources. 
  • Inspiring and interactive presentation with actionable takeaways.
  • Content designed for long-term learning and behavior change.
  • Ask the Expert sessions post-workshop for questions and comments.
Espeakers virtual presenter
NSA Badge

What's a CSP®?

A Certified Speaking Professional® is a designation granted by the National Speakers Association. Approximately 450 speakers in the US and 850 worldwide are bestowed with this honor. Out of the 226,000 people on LinkedIn that consider themselves professional speakers, that's the top 1%!

Why does this matter to you? Partnering with a CSP® mitigates risk and provides peace of mind for your event because they've met the requirements it takes to receive this special honor.

Why does this matter to me? Speaking is a craft of continuous improvement, and achieving this allows me to be part of a reputable group to mastermind and learn from.

  • $50k+ in income for speaking in at least five of the last ten years
  • Ethics courses
  • 250+ paid presentations
  • Positive assessments and reviews by 20+ clients
  • Critique of two recent speaking videos of 45-60 minutes in length
  • Board of Director approval

let's go virtual!

eSpeakers.com certifies demonstrated tools, environment, and skills to perform a quality remote presentation using live video.

what audiences remember

Marcey is the dream presenter. She is the first to send in materials, willing to create hype videos to help us promote on socials. She is a rock star on the stage, and you know the attendees will have a great session. Planning events with new content and presenters can be risky. Marcey is the person you book to balance that risk. She is consistently excellent.
linda dodd

Learning Specialist, NC Association of CPAs

It’s a pretty tough crowd, and she held everyone’s attention until the very end.
mike hourigan

Marketing Director, Grow Fragrance

I want to thank you so much for doing such an excellent job with our clients. People were talking about you through the rest of the conference. You were spot on with your presentation and it really resonated with the whole group.
mona miranda

Director Account Management, Travel Solutions International

The Email Extinguisher presentation was the talk of our meeting! Our team instantly worked to implement the strategies you shared and are looking at how they work in a different and more efficient way. You made a lasting impact on our group.

scott santoro

Vice President, Delta Air Lines

Marcey Rader is the epitome of excellence as a speaker on CPAacademy.org. Having conducted an impressive 52 webinars across diverse topics, she has garnered the highest review scores for the 22,000+ members she has taught. Marcey’s engaging style and depth of knowledge are surpassed only by her wonderful personality. Working with her is a delightful blend of fun and professionalism that resonates with our employees and members alike. In a sea of talent, Marcey stands as a lighthouse, guiding and enlightening all who have the privilege of learning from her.

scott zarret

CEO, CPA Academy


work well. play more!

Productive, Clutter-free, Healthy Living – One Step at a Time

The easy-to-use and adaptable guide for anyone looking for clear steps, goals, and habits, without all the strict rules. A year of behavior changes on your terms in levels of Novice, Pro, and Master. The perfect takeaway for your audience to implement the habits they've learned!

The Health-Powered Productivity podcast by RaderCo.

Bite-sized nuggets of primo knowledge to help you declutter your mind, body, and life….one habit at a time, in 15 minutes or less!

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Secrets to hiring a virtual assistant: Breaking the myths on outsourcing

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Work Well with a Virtual Assistant

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