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Planning an event? Finding the right speaker can be challenging – and slightly scary, because you’re the organizer and every presentation reflects on you. This page will help you decide if Marcey’s a good fit for your event.

What to Expect

  • Prompt, friendly interactions by phone or email
  • Detailed understanding of what you and your audience need to make your event a success
  • Professional, fun, and interactive presentation focused on your desired outcomes
  • Digital resource guide with links, references, and resources

What Audiences Remember

I want to thank you so much for doing such an excellent job with our clients. People were talking about you through the rest of the conference. You were spot on with your presentation and it really resonated with the whole group.

Mona Miranda

Director Account Management, Travel Solutions International

It’s a pretty tough crowd, and she held everyone’s attention until the very end. Mike Hourigan

Marketing Director, Shoeboxed

Attending today’s Email Extinguisher class was truly eye-opening. Thank you for such an inspirational and insightful class! I have no doubt your efforts are making significant changes to the way we all work. Audra Miller

Public Health Analyst, RTI International

Recent Presentations

Task Mastery
What’s Your Joe Joe?
Work Well. Play More!
Energy Escalators
Hack the Mobile Lifestyle

Most Popular Topics

I speak on topics related to productivity, health, time & task management, nutrition, exercise, travel, and how all those fit together. Every presentation gets customized to match your organization and audience’s specific needs to make sure the outcome you’re after is the one your group takes away.

These topics can be presented as keynote presentations or half-day workshops.

Marcey’s insight into the productivity, health, and lifestyle challenges of a road warrior coupled with her real-world experience in hurdling those obstacles make Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior’s Survival Guide a must-read for any road warrior. After having finished the book several days ago, I got the best night’s sleep I have had in ages. I wish I had read Marcey’s words 300,000 air miles ago! Brad D. Messner

Eternal Road Warrior, Founder, Travel Development Group

Read Marcey

Beyond Travel:
A Road Warrior’s Survival Guide

Kindle and paperback

Jam-packed with health and productivity hacks for the hotel, air, auto and home in an easy-to-follow format that guides you through strategies, systems, and tools designed specifically to streamline your life on the road with smart behavior and stress-busting, time-saving habits. You’ll learn to: eat for energy, find movement opportunities, and sleep like a champ. You’ll develop productivity habits to control your inbox, master your calendar, and complete your tasks to Work Well and Play More!®

Hack the Mobile Lifestyle:
6 Steps to Work Well and Play More!®

Kindle and paperback

Learn the hacks you need for healthy and productive living in the areas of air travel, hotel visits, auto transit, mobile office, conferences/meetings, and home. 

Small changes create big results over time. Hack the Mobile Lifestyle focuses on implementing behavior change that lead to the life you want to live: quick, easy steps that provide solutions to your mobile lifestyle issues.

I wish I had this book years ago when I started traveling for work. I wish I had this book five years ago when I went from couch potato to marathoner/triathlete. Even though I fly substantially and consider myself a road warrior veteran I’ve picked up beneficial and practical tips. This book is extremely relevant! Keith Drayer

Director Henry Schein Financial Services Life

Catch Marcey


AUG 04

Advance Your Business | TFACC
Denver Colorado


SEP 05

Work Anytime, Anywhere | CPA Academy
Virtual Webinar


SEP 25

Task Mastery | Raleigh Women in Networking
Raleigh, North Carolina

OCT 07

Task Mastery | Vistage
San Antonio, Texas


NOV 12

Task Mastery | Vistage International
New York, New York

NOV 26

Energy Escalators | AICPA
Grand Cayman Islands


AUG 05

Work Anytime Anywhere | TFACC
Denver Colorado

SEP 11

Task Mastery | NCACPA
Asheville, North Carolina


OCT 02

Work Anytime, Anywhere | Blood Centers of America
Scottsdale, AZ


OCT 08

Hack the Mobile Lifestyle | Austin Business Travel Association
Austin, Texas


NOV 13

Task Mastery | Vistage International
Anaheim, California


DEC 11

Energy Escalators | VSCPA
Richmond, VA


AUG 20

Task Mastery | Robert Half Management Resources
Raleigh, North Carolina


SEP 16-17

Task Mastery | Vertex
Boston, Massachusetts


OCT 03

Conquer the Calendar | Blood Centers of America
Scottsdale, AZ


OCT 25

Conquer the Calendar | Triangle InfoSeCon 2019
Raleigh, North Carolina


NOV 14

Task Mastery | Vistage International
Anaheim, California