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I speak on productivity, health, time & task management, nutrition, exercise, travel, and how all those fit together. Every presentation gets customized to match your organization and audience’s specific needs to ensure the outcome you’re after is the one your group takes away.

Energy Escalators

Are you tired of being tired and want to amp up your energy naturally?

Do you get overwhelmed by all the recommendations and then resort to the status quo and do nothing?

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Email Extinguisher
Do you feel paralyzed by your inbox and dread checking email?

Do you feel you’re held captive by over-communication?
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Task Mastery
Do you need ways to be more efficient at work and home to have more free time?
Do you have trouble creating boundaries to focus on your health and relationships?
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Conquer the Calendar
Do you exit some meetings and wish you could have that hour back?

Do you struggle to keep engaged and focused, especially on video calls?
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Work Well Remotely
Are you working long hours and have a hard time shutting down?

Are you distracted by overcommunication from your colleagues or noises from your family in the next room?

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Work Well Play More
Have you tried changing your behavior and reverting to the status quo within weeks or even days?

Do you want to create new habits but don’t know how to make them stick?
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Hack the Mobile Lifestyle
When you pack your bags, do you leave your healthy habits behind?

Do you load up on caffeine to counteract lack of routine and rest? Learn More →

Ring Ping Buzz Knock
Are you putting out fires, reaching for the easy stuff, and wondering where your time goes?

Are you distracted during moments with your family and friends that leave you half-way present?
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Recent Presentations

Task Mastery
What's Your Joe Joe?
Work Well. Play More!
Energy Escalator

What to Expect

  • Prompt, friendly interactions by phone or email
  • Detailed understanding of what you and your audience need to make your event a success
  • Professional, inspiring, and interactive presentation focused on your desired outcomes
  • Digital resource guide with links, references, and resources
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What Audiences Remember

I want to thank you so much for doing such an excellent job with our clients. People were talking about you through the rest of the conference. You were spot on with your presentation and it really resonated with the whole group.

Mona Miranda

Director Account Management, Travel Solutions International

It’s a pretty tough crowd, and she held everyone’s attention until the very end.

Mike Hourigan

Marketing Director, Shoeboxed

Attending today's Email Extinguisher class was truly eye-opening. Thank you for such an inspirational and insightful class! I have no doubt your efforts are making significant changes to the way we all work.
Audra Miller

Public Health Analyst, RTI International

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Productive, Clutter-free, Healthy Living – One Step at a Time

The easy to use and adaptable guide for anyone looking for clear steps, goals, and habits, without all the strict rules. A year of behavior change on your own terms in levels of Novice, Master, and Pro.

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Work Anytime Anywhere CPA Academy

FEB 3-4

Work Well. Play More! Jim Hudson Automotive
 Columbia, SC

FEB 11

Healthy Boundaries: Building the Guardrails to Protect Your Team Blueprint Medicines


Work Well. Play More! Henry Schein
 Durham, NC


Email Extinguisher Vistage


TBD Blueprint Medicines


Work Well Remotely Corporate Travel Management


How to Work Anytime, AnywhereMy CPE


Email ExtinguisherCPA Academy


TBDBlueprint Medicines


5 Things You Need to Know to Successfully Manage a Remote Team CPAFMA
 Las Vegas, NV


Work Well. Play More!American Association of Medical Society Executives
 Scottsdale, AZ

SEP 16

Task MasteryVistage


Work Well. Play More! NRECA
 Austin, TX

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