Health-Powered Productivity™ with

marcey rader

Top productivity and health speaker, consultant, coach, and author to declutter the mind, body, and business…one habit at at time.


“Instant strategy execution.”

The presentation was the talk of our meeting! Our team instantly worked to implement the strategiess and are looking at how they work differently and more efficiently. Marcey made a lasting impact on our group.

Scott Headshot

scott santoro

Vice President, Delta Air Lines
“She is consistently excellent.”
Marcey Rader is a dream presenter and rock star on the stage. Planning events with new content and presenters can be risky. Marcey is the person you book to balance that risk. She is consistently excellent.

linda dodd

Conference Content Specialist, North Carolina Association of CPAs

“Data-driven approach.”

Marcey Rader is a dynamic speaker with a data-driven approach and simple recommendations for everyone. Marcey has influenced individuals to modify behaviors, resulting in improved self-care and increased productivity.

Mary-Lynn Fulton

mary-lynn fulton

Executive Director, Head of Clinical Trial Management

meet Marcey Rader

Picture This:
You're 39, in top shape, launching a business, and ready for your longest adventure race. Then, your doctor emails you a grim diagnosis. Your identity crumbles. Your spouse feels abandoned by your road warrior lifestyle. You've prioritized the wrong things—climbing the ladder and chasing arbitrary milestones.
And that more isn't more if you don't have time to enjoy it, alienates the people around you, or has long-term health consequences.
About Marcey Rader

She faced the same challenges as a former corporate road warrior, endurance athlete, and business owner. She reevaluated her perfectionist mindset and cracked the code on health-powered productivity™. Now, she’s on a mission to share that with you.

Enter RaderCo:

Founded in 2013, RaderCo revolutionizes health-powered productivity™. Marcey's credentials speak volumes: numerous certifications, awards, and nearly 100,000 people helped across five continents. She's authored three books and created the ultimate productivity course and playbook.

Why It Matters:
It's not enough to rescue your inbox, smash through busyness, and run that 5k. Work with Marcey to declutter your mind, body, and business – one habit at a time, with sustainable goals worth achieving.

“Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time,”

Margaret Bonnano

Do you choose rich or wealthy?

tedX talk

The Relentless Pursuit of More

five fun facts about Marcey


Her husband is a professional drummer. Their first date was to Ben and Jerry's on October 19, 1993, and they've had B&J ice cream every month on the 19th since. Yep, over 360 times!


She has Brussels Sprouts named after her at Mookie's New York Deli.


She can hula hoop and read at the same time.


She eats most of her meals with chopsticks.


Her best friend of 19 years is her right (and sometimes left) hand at RaderCo and they have ridiculous amounts of fun.

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