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Picture this: you're 39 and in the best shape of your life…or so you thought. You just started your own business and are signed up for your longest adventure race. The doctor sends an email with a troubling diagnosis and embarrassed, you feel like an imposter in your field. Furthermore, your spouse is tired of your road warrior lifestyle and is lonely at home. You realize that you’ve been prioritizing the wrong things all along, relentlessly pursuing more, climbing up the ladder, achieving arbitrary milestones or goals, all to realize…

You were chasing the wrong ‘more'.

With a background spanning corporate life as a road warrior, endurance sports enthusiast, and business owner, Marcey's been there, done that, and learned a ton along the way. She'll be the first to admit she's made every mistake in the book. 

She re-evaluated her perfectionistic, Type A (Awesome) mindset and cracked the code on health-powered productivity. Now, she's on a mission to share that experience with you.


Enter RaderCo: born in 2013 to shake up the productivity game. With a slew of certifications and awards, Marcey's helped nearly 100,000 people across five continents reclaim their time and energy. Plus, she's penned three productivity books and the ultimate productivity course and playbook.


But here's the kicker: It's not enough to rescue your inbox, smash through busyness, and improve your 5k time. Work with Marcey to declutter your mind, body, and business – one habit at a time, with sustainable goals worth achieving.

so what do I do, really?


I present at events on how to shrink the inbox, master tasks, conquer calendars, improve focus, and increase energy.

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I consult with companies and teams to create a culture with systems, processes, and behaviors to maximize efficiency that balances healthy well-being. From creating Design Days, Meeting Resets, communication plans, and more. Click here for more information.

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I coach over-scheduled and over-tasked individuals and teams by emphasizing time and tech guardrails, prioritizing what matters, tackling the inbox, and instilling healthy, sustainable habits that let you put your phone down at night.

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Through consulting and training, I work with companies and teams to banish burnout, reduce overwhelm, efficiently communicate through technology, hold productive meetings, and create transitions between work and play. All this so you can keep good people and work well together…

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I write books and create tools about productivity and health for real people. Whether it's 12 months of behavior change or the perfect template for reflection, planning, and prioritizing, I got you covered.

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let's get to know each other

Personal things about me:

My husband, Kevin, is a professional drummer. Our first date was to Ben and Jerry's on October 19, 1993, and we've had Ben and Jerry's every month on the 19th since. Yep, over 300 times!

I have Brussels Sprouts named after me at Mookie's New York deli.

I hula hoop and read at the same time.


I hired my best friend of over 19 years, Lisa Wood, to be our Concierge and Director of Marketing, and it was one of the smartest decisions I ever made.


I competed in over 100 endurance and ultra-endurance triathlons, running, mountain bike, and adventure races in my 20s and 30s.

Marcey making a funny face and flexing her muscles.

what I stand for

Supporting women-owned businesses in economically disadvantaged countries.

Parties and affiliations do not define people. Actions do.

Our mistakes are lessons earned. We earn our battle scars from trying something new.

Social media is a tool, not a connection.

Checking all the boxes isn't the goal. Checking the right boxes at the right time is what matters.

Rich is money-focused. Wealth is freedom and time-focused. Be wealthy.

street cred

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american health care leader

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