You don’t have to sacrifice your health and productivity to climb the ladder or build your business.


Looking for 1:1 Coaching and Accountability for long term-behavior change?


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Climb the ladder and build your business, without sacrificing your productivity and health.

What Clients are saying about Marcey

I never thought about how health and productivity went together until I started working with you. Now I know why I wasn’t able to make big changes in the past. Andrea Pereira

Human Resources Business Partner

After hiring Marcey, I would PAY DOUBLE. I get done in three hours what used to take me all day. Amy Howard

Print and Web Designer

Investing in productivity coaching is totally worth it. It’s not a sign of laziness or weakness. It says ‘I’m worth it, and so is my business.’” Wendy Gates Corbett


I feel 1000 times better. I now have the confidence and tools to achieve my personal and professional goals in a healthy way. Jen Shevlin

Human Resources Director

Work Well. Play More!®

Health and Productivity for High Achievers

Declutter your mind, body and inbox, one habit at a time.™

  • 15 modules + bonus courses to help you Eat for Energy, Find Movement Opportunities, Shrink Your Inbox, and Conquer Your Calendar!
  • Self-paced, 100% online course with exercises to form your strategy.
  • High-quality content to take control of your health, career, business, and relationships.

Start off with a sample lesson to Shrink Your Inbox!

Marcey Rader’s Work Well. Play More!® Health and Productivity for High Achievers online course is amazing! After viewing the modules and taking action, I have more energy, less stress and an email box that is organized and manageable. I highly recommend this course. It offers real world solutions that help you improve your productivity and focus on your unique line of genius. Darleen Ghirardi

Procurement Executive

Don’t eat your per diem!®


A Road Warrior’s Survival Guide

This comprehensive book for business travellers, road warriors, and mobile professionals gives the tools needed to help reclaim your life and health. Loaded with tips on business travel management, products, diet, checklists, and more!

You can be a traveler, climb the ladder and build your business, without sacrificing health and productivity.

Get more done. Have more time.
Travel like a born road warrior

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