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Marcey has wowed over 100,000 people across five continents. Whether you’ve booked her or just exploring, here’s everything you need for your upcoming event.

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“Instant strategy execution.”

The presentation was the talk of our meeting! Our team instantly worked to implement the strategiess and are looking at how they work differently and more efficiently. Marcey made a lasting impact on our group.

Scott Headshot

scott santoro

Vice President, Delta Air Lines

“She is consistently excellent.”

Marcey Rader is a dream presenter and rock star on the stage. Planning events with new content and presenters can be risky. Marcey is the person you book to balance that risk. She is consistently excellent.

linda dodd

Conference Content Specialist, North Carolina Association of CPAs

“Data-driven approach.”

Marcey Rader is a dynamic speaker with a data-driven approach and simple recommendations for everyone. Marcey has influenced individuals to modify behaviors, resulting in improved self-care and increased productivity.

Mary-Lynn Fulton

mary-lynn fulton

Executive Director, Head of Clinical Trial Management


check out marcey in action


“Truly eye-opening.”

Thank you for such an inspirational and insightful training! I have no doubt your efforts are making significant changes to the way we all work.

Audra Miller, Public Health Analyst, RTI International

work well. play more!

Productive, Clutter-free, Healthy Living – One Step at a Time
Marcey - Portland Shoot

Want to see Marcey's full catalog of topics?

need an expert on health-powered productivity™?

Marcey can be quoted or interviewed on the following topics:

Focus & Attention

Creating Guardrails

Digital Wellness
Meeting Effectiveness
Time Management
Remote Work
Healthy Behaviors

Pitfalls of Hyper-Achievement

Energy Management


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Marcey Rader Business Executive Productivity Coach Healthy Living Lifestyle
Marcey Rader Business Executive Productivity Coach Healthy Living Lifestyle

marcey's bio

Long Bio – 176 words, 1218 characters

Marcey Rader is a keynote speaker, trainer, coach, and author who champions health-powered productivity™. Once driven by the relentless pursuit for more – more certifications, more endurance races, and more promotions – Marcey faced a preventable medical diagnosis that shifted her perspective on success.
As the founder of RaderCo, she's sought after by Fortune 500 companies, startups, and organizations worldwide, inspiring over 100,000 people across five continents. She's a multi-award-winning speaker, one of only 850 Certified Speaking Professionals® globally, a Virtual Master Presenter®, and a TEDx speaker.
She's authored three books, created the ultimate reflection, planning, and prioritization program, The Powered Path, and has been featured in major publications, including Money, Inc., Shape, and Prevention magazines.
Marcey's mission is to teach well-intentioned individuals and companies to discover what truly matters to them, enabling them to create a life, job, and organization they love. By instilling sustainable habits that declutter the mind, body, and business, one habit at a time, she directs the path to work well and play more!
Connect with Marcey at or

Short Bio – 67 words, 499 characters

Marcey Rader is an award-winning keynote speaker, trainer, coach, and author focused on health-powered productivity™ after a preventable medical diagnosis shifted her relentless pursuit of more.
As the founder of RaderCo, she's inspired over 100,000 people across five continents. As a Certified Speaking Professional®, Virtual Master Presenter®, and TEDx speaker, Marcey helps individuals and companies discover what truly matters, fostering sustainable habits to work well and play more!

Connect with Marcey at or

Super-short Bio – 34 words, 259 characters

Marcey Rader, founder of RaderCo and an award-winning keynote speaker, trainer, coach, and author, champions health-powered productivity™. A Certified Speaking Professional® and TEDx speaker, she helps individuals and companies create sustainable habits to work well and play more!

Connect with Marcey at or

Marcey holding book

general Intro

Marcey Rader believes that health powers productivity. As the founder of RaderCo, she guides individuals and teams to banish burnout through practical tools and sustainable habits.

Marcey is a multi-certified and multi-award-winning health and productivity expert, a digital wellness practitioner, three-time author, Virtual Master Presenter, has spoken on five continents, and is one of only 850 speakers worldwide with the distinguished Certified Speaking Professional® designation. Her book, Work Well. Play More! was named a 2023 Top Three book by The Brainy Business.

Off-camera, Marcey is married to Kevin, a professional drummer and drum teacher. She can be found in Raleigh, North Carolina, doing walking meetings, drinking iced coffee, or eating Brussels Sprouts named after her at Mookie's New York Deli.

Suit outside

things to know about Marcey rader

  • While Marcey's voice and presence make her seem ten feet tall, she's only 5'2 and doesn't wear tall heels. We strongly encourage a riser or stage for visibility.
  • She prefers a wireless lavalier or handheld microphone. Over-the-ear microphones fall off her child-size ears.
  • Marcey doesn't use a lectern. She moves around the stage or room, and sticking her behind a lectern will significantly decrease the energy you'll see from her (if you see her at all – see #1).
  • Marcey likes a confidence monitor so she can face the audience.
  • Marcey values time! Providing a countdown timer is preferred (she thinks it's rude to look at her watch onstage).
  • Marcey sends her presentation in advance to be pre-loaded on your computer. Marcey will also have the presentation on her Macbook Pro and carries an adaptor and clicker.
  • For virtual presentations Marcey prefers Zoom. WebEx and GoTo Meeting are also acceptable. While Microsoft Teams is great for meetings, it's not ideal for presentations.

contact information

Looking for Marcey on Facebook, Twitter/X, or Instagram? You won't find her!
She hangs out only on LinkedIn to focus her efforts and be less distracted. 

MR smiling at computer
Contact:  Marcey Rader
Company Name:  RaderCo
Phone Number:  (484) 455 4122
W9:  Download W9 
Youtube: /marceyradercoaching
LinkedIn:  /MarceyRader
Speaking Website:
Book Website:
Company Website:

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