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Hey there, Corporate Executive.

You are killing it at the office! Paying your dues. Putting in the time. You devote the biggest part of your day to your company. You're always on – catching up at night and on the weekend, afraid not to check your email. This doesn't mean you don't want to grow professionally, climb the ladder and achieve recognition. It's just that you're waiting. You promise yourself (over and over) once that raise, promotion, or big project … comes through, then “I'll finally make the time to focus on what I really want.”

Hey there, Business Owner.

You started a business thinking you'd be able to chart your own course. You saw freedom, fun, and flexibility in your future. Instead, you are consumed with minutiae. And you just know there are better, more efficient, and more streamlined ways to get the job done by increasing your personal productivity. If only you could find some breathing room to figure all of it out. Sadly, your business has taken over your life and the worst part is you aren't even banking the big bucks to show for it. Your health is starting to suffer too and you can't remember the last time you unplugged.

Hey there, Business Traveler.

You are stuck on the tarmac treadmill – hopping from plane to plane during the workweek, catching up on the weekends, missing out on family time and social events at home. You never feel caught up and someones else's agenda always dictates yours. Even your health decisions are not about you. You keep making excuses, “I'll eat something healthy when  I get back to the hotel. But now, I need a sugary snack and a jolt of caffeine to get me through this next meeting.” You're not just packing your luggage, you're also packing on the pounds. You're a road warrior, and you know that business travel isn't just part of your job, it's a lifestyle.®

Hey there, Chronic Illness Manager.

You understand how to manage your chronic condition, but it's difficult to be consistent. You've tried it all and it's all too hard. You're hoping and waiting for something to happen. Maybe you'll finally find the specialist who runs the right tests and puts you on the medication that makes you feel like yourself. Maybe someone will finally give you the “magic” formula to follow to make the significant changes. Or maybe you're afraid the recommended changes will be so drastic, you'll fail. You have trained yourself to let the excuses hold you back. It's easier to ignore your symptoms for now, but you know at some point, you won't be able to distract yourself from the inevitable.


I want to Work Well and Play More!®
(and we should have a chat)


I hear you wanting to make the changes that will unlock your potential for life and career success. But you can’t figure out what’s holding you back. Whether you are a corporate executive, a business owner, a business traveler, or a chronic illness manager, courage may be the key.

What do I mean by courage? Courage to put yourself first. Courage to start the journey. Courage to believe that small, bite-sized changes, over time, can create massive results that are sustainable and life-changing.

Finding the courage within is a process. You want someone who has been there and who knows what it takes to get to where you want to be. You want someone who can edit out the hacks that don’t fit your situation and recommend behaviors for your specific needs. Someone who knows how to use her expertise gained from degrees, certifications, science, experience, and real life to teach you how to meet your biggest challenges. When you work with me, you get  no-jive, minimally effective dose strategies that result in actual behavior change.

I hear you and I’m ready to help!

Decluttering your mind, body, and inbox one habit at a time.

Did you know that 40% of our daily behaviors are habitual? This means if you want results, you have to find effective ways to break patterns that aren’t serving you. The things you’ve tried in the past didn’t work because you never identified a trigger, behavior, and reward geared toward breaking old patterns. I specialize in helping you identify those small changes, done consistently, which will solidify new habits around the results you desire.

This is my Super Power.

I’m Marcey Rader. I’ve been coaching for 24 years, speaking for 14, and have owned my own business since 2013. Before starting my company, I worked my way up in the corporate world. I was killing it at the office, but living my road warrior, high-intensity, high-stress, high-achieving lifestyle, triggered multiple autoimmune diseases. Yep. It turns out I’m not Superwoman. I was Marcey the Machine, and while I did Get Shit Done, it came at a price. When I was first diagnosed, I felt lost and didn’t know quite how to cope. But I applied my corporate problem-solving skills to my health situation. Over time, I’ve come to see my conditions as gifts.

Why? Because this life experience makes me more passionate than ever about serving my clients. I get you. Really. I’ve been there. Living with this chronic condition enables me to supply my clients with even more knowledge, insight, and intuition.

If we work together, I promise you three things:

  • I will respect your dreams, goals, and desires.
  • I will provide unique solutions that aren't part of a “stock” plan.
  • I will provide support and accountability throughout your journey.

My beliefs:

  • I believe in a minimally-effective dose strategy without unnecessary complications.
  • I believe in automating and streamlining wherever possible to free up energy for better decision-making around the truly important things.
  • I believe in bio-individuality when it comes to nutrition, movement, stress management, and sleep.
  • I believe multiple productivity systems and tools can work and won't sell you on some program just to make a buck.
  • I believe that making positive changes isn't always about discipline, but rather figuring out the best way to set you up for success.
  • I believe it can take more than 28 days to change a habit depending on the complexity of the situation and how deeply ingrained it is.

And it’s because of these beliefs combined with my holistic coaching methods that clients have:

  • Received promotions or new jobs in the corporate arena.
  • Their most successful months ever as business owners.
  • Stopped working nights and weekends.
  • Took their first real, unplugged vacations in years.
  • Started Executive MBA programs.
  • Eliminated the need to spend money on outsourcing with the right systems.
  • Outsourced personal tasks to have more time to play.
  • Lost up to 50 pounds in 6 months.
  • Discontinued or reduced their dosage for medications.
  • Started families.

Here’s the deal … I’m not selling you a quick fix or cheap stock plan. My clients see the value of working with me as an investment in themselves, not an expense. Every engagement is completely personal and highly customized. You're going to show me your inbox. We're going to talk about why you aren't moving more and get rid of the excuses. You're going to stop waiting for it to happen to make behavioral shifts. Because I design a unique plan for every client I work with, I only take on a small number at a time. My goal is to deliver the best value and excellent support each and every time. I inspire my clients to create boundaries, break barriers, and find the white space in their lives that they desire.

If what you’ve read so far seems right to you and your intuition tells you a conversation is the next best step, take three minutes to fill out my coaching application. Let’s determine whether a client-coach relationship is a good fit for both of us.

What Clients are saying about Marcey

I've gotten back to a lot of the things that I used to have as healthy habits – productivity, eating well, and exercising. Your plan has been helpful because it has focused not solely on work productivity, but on health and wellness, nutrition, and exercise. I've been able to take charge of my health and see new doctors, even be referred to a specialist for my health condition. Productivity has increased because I cleared out all the email clutter which lessens the anxiety of feeling overwhelmed when seeing all the unread messages. I've been encouraged to eat more healthily and balance my nutritional needs. With your guidance and encouragement on exercise, I've been able to stick to an exercise regimen that was right for me as my health was improving. I made a decision to focus on me and take care of myself, and your advice and encouragement have assisted in my efforts.
Kendyle Woodard

Vice President, iBiotech

Email addiction, in particular, is a genuine struggle for me. It's way too easy for me to behave like a receptionist and work from my inbox. Reading articles and watching YouTube videos don't cut it for me; I needed Marcey's coaching to provide a base layer of sanity to help keep me on the right track. She doesn't just whip out a standard bag of tricks (though she has plenty!); she recognized my particular brand of crazy and adapted her training to be most effective for me.

Sara Shelp

Controller, Spectralogic

I no longer absorb the energy of those around me. I used to get so wrapped up in someone else's crisis, and their poor planning ruined my hour, afternoon, or week. No longer, thanks to Marcey!
Andrea Pereira

Sr. HR Business Partner, Biogen

The price of bringing Marcey on board was worth it for the first session alone when she transformed how I deal with email: Instead of leaving emails cluttered up in my inbox waiting to get lost in the deluge, Marcey taught me a quick and systematic method to convert emails to “tasks” and schedule my tasks at a logical time. With this system, I no longer had to keep separate lists and schedules to make sure things got done. She also helped me clean up my folders to a manageable number and learn when to stop saving emails I didn't need after I read them. I immediately started getting more done, prioritizing more effectively, and stopped worrying about dropping the ball.
Matt Bailey

President, Integr8 Research

I feel like I've had a lot of breakthroughs lately, and attribute a lot of it to you– you got me unstuck. You have no idea how grateful I am!
Nicole Baxter

Interior Designer, NBaxter Design

Do you see yourself in one or more of these categories?

Marcey created a webinar series with clients over at workwellplaymore.com where they discussed their Top Three Ways they Work Well and Play More While Climbing the Ladder, Building Their Business, Traveling for Business and Managing Chronic Illness.

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