Is your boxed frozen delicacy making you fat?

Is your boxed frozen delicacy making you fat?

Did you know that your chemically-concocted, boxed frozen delicacy that says it’s healthy is setting you up for sabotage? 
What the heck is a whole food anyway? Isn’t it just a grocery store chain?

The terms whole foods and clean eating are buzzwords that are becoming diluted in the same way that Paleo somehow can mean energy bars (did they make those back then?). The definitions are blurry and vary from person-to-person, company-to-company. Instead of worrying if you are eating ‘clean’ (because really, who wants dirty food? #HygieneIsImportant), think about buying and eating food in its natural state. If it comes in a box, semi-cooked, with sauces already over it, it wouldn’t be considered a whole food. It’s more likely a chemical concoction and has been subtly or not so subtly processed to make it easier to digest.

What’s the problem with easier to digest?

We eat more of it.

Food scientists know that if food is already broken down, we’ll consume more. They often contain high levels of sodium, sugar, and additives that increase flavor.  A study by Barr and Wright in 2010 found that energy expenditure after eating processed foods compared to whole foods decreased calorie burn by 47%.

Eating processed foods, DROPPED your calories burned by 47%!

If you want to gain weight or put on pounds, it’s simple. Eat more highly-processed foods. Even with the number of calories, you will gain more weight eating 100 calories of a french fry than 100 calories of a baked potato. You’ll gain more weight with 100 calories of white bread than 100 calories of millet or quinoa. You’ll definitely eat more applesauce than you would apples because it’s been broken down and more comfortable to slurp.

Calories in are not calories out. A calorie is a measurable unit of energy, but it’s not processed or used the same in our bodies. I had an engineer a few months ago arguing with me a little that weight loss was simple. Calories in = calories out. He wasn’t open to hearing about how foods are digested. Fiber requires more work, therefore, less easily-absorbed. More passes through our body without sticking around (on our hips and butt). Processed food also doesn’t feed our gut microbiomes the same as unprocessed. The microbiome of an individual is now hot research because of the link of good gut bacteria to a healthy weight and lack of some bacteria linked to obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and mental illness.

Raw starches are digested less through our small intestine. We may only get about two-thirds of the total calories. Even a starch that has been cooked and cooled has less digestible enzymes, i.e., resistant starch, so your body will not process as many calories as if it is hot right out of the pot.

If our guts don’t have to work hard, we’ll eat more food. That’s why you can down a bag of Cheetos and still want to get your orange fingers on something substantial.

Much like a child should know what a real chicken leg looks like, and that they don’t have fingers or planks, we should know what vegetables look like before they’ve been cooked, mashed or beaten to a pulp. I grew up in a house where plants barely existed and didn’t know what most veggies looked like in their natural state (I still can’t tell the difference between a rutabaga and a turnip when I buy them at the same time). When my nieces come to visit, I’ll be taking them to the Farmer’s Market to see all the foods out on tables, before we’ve put our hands on them to eat.

Green beans and Brussels sprouts are actually crunchy, not mushy.

Potatoes and carrots come in different colors – orange, purple, white and red.

Peppers taste and look different depending on when they were picked.

But who has time to wash, chop, and prep? Start small. Frozen veggies and fruits are often just as good as fresh. Sometimes even better, because they are frozen at their peak of ripeness. As long as they aren’t sugared or syruped to death or tossed in some kind of fake cheese-food sauce, they can work.

Buy fruits and veggies already chopped up on the salad bar or at the grocery. Yes, it’s more expensive, but so is medicine, buying new, bigger pants, and doctor bills.

Try one switch in the next 30 days. Those six crackers that come in plastic, that you grabbed from a box, that came in another box, and still probably a bigger box, could be substituted with something that you could have picked, pulled or peeled off of a tree, vine, or root.

I started with one small change at a time.

What food do you commit to changing from a processed to an unprocessed state?

Shrink Your Inbox with the OHIO Method

Shrink Your Inbox with the OHIO Method

Did you know every time you reread that email, you’re wasting willpower on a microdecision? 

Stop wasting your time and OHIO. Only Handle It Once.

We don’t wake up every morning with a neverending bucket of willpower. Instead, willpower gets depleted throughout the day based on our food intake (type, kind, when), how much sleep we’ve had, how much we’ve moved, and how many decisions we’ve made. Yep. The number of decisions we’ve made, big or small, can deplete our willpower bucket.  I had a client tell me that after a two-hour inbox session she was exhausted as if she’d had a hard workout. I was making her look at her behaviors of email processing and DO something with the emails that were in her inbox.

I think of the inbox as a flower garden (stick with me here). Your essential emails are the flowers from your clients, prospects, supervisor, etc. The weeds are the newsletters, junk mail, and already-read emails choking your flowers.

You can’t see the flowers through the weeds.

How many times have you read an email just to get that unread number down to zero, to get that bold font to go away or the badge to disappear on your phone? You just wasted a micro-decision on opening an email, reading it and not doing anything with it.

Instead, OHIO your email.

Only Handle It Once.

If you can tell by the subject line that you won’t be able to do anything with that email right then, don’t even open it, no matter how tempting it is. Don’t waste the decision. If you aren’t able to make a thoughtful response or it’s a task that you need to do later, save it for when you are ready or open it up to assign a task date.

Already opened it thinking you will have time? Your options are to Delete, Delegate, Reply (if less than two minutes), Archive (read and file) or Task. Do you see where there is no option called Come Back Later?

Sorry Michigan fans, but OHIO is the way to go with your email. Same with your physical mail. Why open it if you know you can’t address it yet? If you pay your bills on Saturday, why open the letter on Tuesday from Time Warner Cable. Put it aside until you’re ready.

Only Handle It Once. Shrink your inbox and save your energy for more important decisions throughout the day.

2017 Highlights and Wrap-Up.

2017 Highlights and Wrap-Up.

If you know me at all, you know I am a big believer in reflecting, visioning, and favoriting. I’m wrapping up the year with a blog to commemorate the high fives and fist bumps that occurred for my clients and me. If I included all of them, it would be pages long, so I’ll spare you the nap and keep it short.

Highlights of 2017

  • Gave a satisfying Key5 performance of Hack the Mobile Lifestyle six days after falling down a flight of stairs and injuring my tailbone. No one in the audience knew I had a TENS unit on. I hope.
  • Launched the new Work Well Play More Institute website.
  • Launched an updated Marcey Rader website.
  • Launched the new Work Well Play More Health and Productivity for High Achievers online course site and platform.
  • Spoke in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Emaar Properties top 150 executives. Emaar built the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. Amazing isn’t even the right word.
  • Hacked the Mobile Lifestyle with the Texas BTA and received my Texas doorknob. They were a fantastic group, and the whole experience was super fun.
  • Produced Created a summer webinar series to Work Well and Play More While Building a Business, Climbing the Corporate Ladder, Managing a Chronic Illness and Traveling for Business.
  • Produced a webinar series with Stephanie Scotti of Professionally Speaking.
  • Had another super-successful Huatulco, Mexico Private Getaway Intensive with two clients and flew my husband in for week three.
  • Created a new intensive package that includes my course.
  • Started using Voxer to do voice check-ins with my clients.
  • Gave a workshop at Vertex in Boston where my host was the former VP of my corporate job. We’ve come full circle and are working together again years later in an entirely different capacity.
  • Presented to the Science Fellows for Syngenta.
  • Launched a Work Well. Play More! doorhanger campaign.
  • Got a sneak peek of the new Extended Stay America 2.0 hotels and can’t wait to stay in one!
  • Toured Emulate Bio, the company where my client Summer is now VP of HR.
  • Joined the Savor the Success Mastermind group and spoke at the Savor Life Summit.
  • Worked with my coaches Vania Clark-Butler and Shauna Van Bogart.
  • Joined City Club, a national Club Corp membership club, in Raleigh and was asked to join Membership Council
  • Invited to be part of an exclusive speaking mastermind group.
  • Watched my Virtual Assistant, Rea Donato grow into a project management role and take on responsibilities of Client Happiness Specialist.
  • With the generosity of a client, helped to build Rea and her family new house.

And these are just a few of my Client Highlights

  • Deb McMurray (see case study) continued to go way outside her comfort zone and presented to 80 people and was considered the most engaging speaker at the meeting.
  • Stephanie Scotti successfully hired and onboarded a virtual assistant so she could work in her line of genius.
  • Wendy Gates Corbett grew her speaking business to include an inspirational speech about belonging.
  • Todd Rader let go employees who weren’t serving the company and brought on new talent.
  • Eleven corporate employees got new jobs or promotions.
  • Five business owners grew so much they needed to bring on staff they weren’t anticipating.
  • Melissa Kennedy did 29 talks in 30 days.
  • Two clients came off of medications they were told they would be on forever.

Thank you to my clients, fans, partners, and community for another great year. You make my business fun, exciting, and rewarding.

High Fives and Fist Bumps!


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