BedTalk #8 – Get your iced coffee fix now!

BedTalk #8 – Get your iced coffee fix now!

Do you love to drink iced coffee in the summer but don't want to get jacked up on caffeine all day long? Cut it with Teeccino and get your iced coffee fix with half the caff!

I love cold brew. My favorite drink at Starbucks is a Grande Sweet Cream Vanilla Cold Brew with half the syrup in a venti cup (yes, I'm a diva like that). Since that's a treat drink for me, I stick with a Marceycinno at home on most days. To extend the feeling and taste of the cold brew without drinking 20+ ounces of coffee, I cut it with Teeccino.

Teeccino is a coffee alternative, not a coffee substitute. It brews just like regular coffee and comes in multiple flavors like chocolate mint, caramel nut, and hazelnut. It's a great way to wean yourself from coffee, cut your caffeine intake by mixing it (you won't notice the difference), and still get that coffee feel.

On Sundays I brew a large pot of Teeccino and make iced cubes with it. I put the rest in a container to mix half and half with my coffee throughout the week.

Try it and get your iced coffee fix without all the jitters.

You can buy Teeccino here on Amazon* – or on their website

*Affiliate link where I get a few coins and you don't pay any extra!

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