2017 Highlights and Wrap-Up.

2017 Highlights and Wrap-Up.

If you know me at all, you know I am a big believer in reflecting, visioning, and favoriting. I’m wrapping up the year with a blog to commemorate the high fives and fist bumps that occurred for my clients and me. If I included all of them, it would be pages long, so I’ll spare you the nap and keep it short.

Highlights of 2017

  • Gave a satisfying Key5 performance of Hack the Mobile Lifestyle six days after falling down a flight of stairs and injuring my tailbone. No one in the audience knew I had a TENS unit on. I hope.
  • Launched the new Work Well Play More Institute website.
  • Launched an updated Marcey Rader website.
  • Launched the new Work Well Play More Health and Productivity for High Achievers online course site and platform.
  • Spoke in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Emaar Properties top 150 executives. Emaar built the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. Amazing isn’t even the right word.
  • Hacked the Mobile Lifestyle with the Texas BTA and received my Texas doorknob. They were a fantastic group, and the whole experience was super fun.
  • Produced Created a summer webinar series to Work Well and Play More While Building a Business, Climbing the Corporate Ladder, Managing a Chronic Illness and Traveling for Business.
  • Produced a webinar series with Stephanie Scotti of Professionally Speaking.
  • Had another super-successful Huatulco, Mexico Private Getaway Intensive with two clients and flew my husband in for week three.
  • Created a new intensive package that includes my course.
  • Started using Voxer to do voice check-ins with my clients.
  • Gave a workshop at Vertex in Boston where my host was the former VP of my corporate job. We’ve come full circle and are working together again years later in an entirely different capacity.
  • Presented to the Science Fellows for Syngenta.
  • Launched a Work Well. Play More! doorhanger campaign.
  • Got a sneak peek of the new Extended Stay America 2.0 hotels and can’t wait to stay in one!
  • Toured Emulate Bio, the company where my client Summer is now VP of HR.
  • Joined the Savor the Success Mastermind group and spoke at the Savor Life Summit.
  • Worked with my coaches Vania Clark-Butler and Shauna Van Bogart.
  • Joined City Club, a national Club Corp membership club, in Raleigh and was asked to join Membership Council
  • Invited to be part of an exclusive speaking mastermind group.
  • Watched my Virtual Assistant, Rea Donato grow into a project management role and take on responsibilities of Client Happiness Specialist.
  • With the generosity of a client, helped to build Rea and her family new house.

And these are just a few of my Client Highlights

  • Deb McMurray (see case study) continued to go way outside her comfort zone and presented to 80 people and was considered the most engaging speaker at the meeting.
  • Stephanie Scotti successfully hired and onboarded a virtual assistant so she could work in her line of genius.
  • Wendy Gates Corbett grew her speaking business to include an inspirational speech about belonging.
  • Todd Rader let go employees who weren’t serving the company and brought on new talent.
  • Eleven corporate employees got new jobs or promotions.
  • Five business owners grew so much they needed to bring on staff they weren’t anticipating.
  • Melissa Kennedy did 29 talks in 30 days.
  • Two clients came off of medications they were told they would be on forever.

Thank you to my clients, fans, partners, and community for another great year. You make my business fun, exciting, and rewarding.

High Fives and Fist Bumps!

How to Invigorate Your Business With a Luxury Working Vacation

How to Invigorate Your Business With a Luxury Working Vacation

Do you feel stale in your business and stuck in the same place?
Are you in need of a vacation or change of scenery?
Guilty of always saying…..”someday I will X?”

Stop saying someday and get all of them on a working vacation.

I'm sure some of you are already thinking that a working vacation is an oxymoron. I disagree. For two years in a row, I've taken two clients each to Secrets Resort in Huatulco, Mexico where we spent a week in luxury paddleboarding, kayaking, playing water volleyball, snorkeling, dancing at night and eating incredible, fresh, foods.

“We also spent 1-2 hours a day deep-diving into their business working on processes, new systems, and behaviors. We strategized over meals and walks on the beach. We were out of our normal routine and gave our mind, body, and soul new perspectives that breathed life into our business.”

Todd, President, B&M Steel, 2-time intensive attendee

Week two was attended by Wendy Gates Corbett, of Refresher Training.

“I’ve been on ‘working vacations’ before. But this one was different. Having worked with you as my productivity coach, I knew the ‘working’ part of this working vacation would be different.

We focused on these areas:

  • Regaining control of my inbox, so I process email effectively.
  • Creating a process for scheduling tasks, especially those related to specific emails in my inbox
  • Creating a process for my VA to input business card contacts into my CRM
  • Deciding which tasks I could delegate to my VA

We not only discussed these areas, but we also worked on them—literally going through my inbox and my tasks, one by one. I not only knocked out the things I wanted to, but we also created processes that, going forward, will help me stay in the driver’s seat of my business. Staying confidently and definitively in the driver’s seat of my business will propel my company to the levels I desire.”

My own luxury working vacation.

As for me? I spent the third week on my own working vacation with no clients. My husband flew down, and I worked a max of 90 minutes per day. I kept up with email by reading, acting and responding, but delayed my send until the day after I got back so the conversations wouldn't continue (OOO message was on that week).

I spent no time learning by watching webinars, reading business books or doing business-building exercises, but instead just thought. As Tony Robbins says “knowledge doesn't mean shit if you don't do anything with it.” I was taking an Information Vacation, which I do four times a year, and didn't learn. I processed what I already knew and just marinated in it.

These three weeks were also an information detox in that I watched/listened/read no news for a month (and friends/family didn't update me on it), which was significant given the political climate when I left the U.S., and I didn't turn on the TV once.

When I got back, my week was an explosion of good things. I took Monday as a Get Shit Done day where I still had my OOO message on but caught up with work tasks. I put out two new business proposals, signed on one new client and felt completely jazzed about my prospects.

Luxury Intensive Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 is in development. I have the Huatulco resort booked for next February 2018 and Wendy is coming back for round 2. If you are interested in a working vacation Luxury Intensive that's fun in the sun, out of your element and will send you back home riled up and ready for business and personal growth, contact me today about a 6-day fall trip to Jamaica or Mexico and the Huatulco retreat in February. Need something shorter and domestic in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina? I can arrange that too. Send me an email to be notified and complete your application. Let's start a conversation.

Huatulco Luxury Intensive Photo Album


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