Reduce your leg fatigue with a standing desk mat: Video Reviews Inside

Reduce your leg fatigue with a standing desk mat: Video Reviews Inside

Are you new to standing desks and feel leg fatigue at the end of the day?
Did you know that you shouldn't stand all day anyway, and sit-stand desks are ideal??

BONUS! A sit-stand desk review from FitDesk.

I've used a standing desk for so long, only medical carts came up when I searched online. I love my medical cart/standing desk, and while most people get tired or feel pain from standing all day, I hurt when I sit too long. That being said, Sit-to-Stand or variable height desks are an excellent way to change your body positions, and if I wanted to replace my current set-up, I'd buy one that adjusts.

My first review is of the Butterfly Ergonomic Non-Flat Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat which retails for $49.97 on Amazon. More detail in the video, but in a nutshell

Pros: comfy, variable places to put feet

Cons: It's shaped like a butterfly. I like butterflies, but it's a bit much. My husband said if it didn't have the word butterfly, he could at least pretend it was a moth 🙂

We now have this in our kitchen at the sink, because I replaced it with the second review.

Bonus review if you're looking for a sit-to-stand desk. I had the pleasure of reviewing this desk by the FitDesk company that I tested out on my screened-in porch and begrudgingly gave it to my husband to use in his studio because I already have a standing desk, BikeDesk, and a portable standing desk! Go to to purchase. Use the code MARCEYFREEMAT to receive a free mat on all bikes, under desk products and desks!

Pros: Super easy to assemble, sleek, simple to adjust and affordable. Love the cord control. #CordlessIsNeverCordless

Cons: None, if a minimalist desk is what you need. It looks like I have to push it down hard in the video, but it's because there is nothing on it. As soon as I have anything, even a laptop, the weight makes it much easier.

Jawbone Up Product Review Update

Jawbone Up Product Review Update

Jawbone Up Product Review Update:

As an update to my Jawbone Up review, where I didn't think the Jawbone Up was a very good product, but I did praise the customer service and support, I received a letter from the CEO. Hosain Rahman recognized the issues that Jawbone Up was facing and offered a full refund to all purchasers of the Up, no questions asked! I thought this was an incredible move on their part as some people were happy with their Up and experiencing no issues. They are working on fixing the sync and hardware issues and maybe they will come out with a better product in 2012.

Unfortunately, I already returned mine however I don't know what I would have done with it anyway since it didn't work well. I think the move by Jawbone is a smart one and may save them down the road. I also think that moving into an area for the first time without the proper testing is something that a start-up might do, not a company with a rich history in having great electronics. I had offered by phone three times to help test the Up last spring and summer and had hoped to compare it to my Exerspy. I'm sure I wasn't the only one. Jawbone could have saved themselves a lot of time and money.
I like the phrase Underpromise and Overdeliver. Jawbone definitely Overpromised and Underdelivered on this one, however their follow-up, customer support and full refund might make a big difference in the longevity of the product.


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