How to Hire a Personal Assistant

How to Hire a Personal Assistant

Does the term Personal Assistant feel fancy-pants and out of reach? Do you think that having a House Manager is overkill to help you work in your line of genius?

If you said yes to either, I’m writing to help you realize not only can you wear department-store or athletic pants to hire assistance, but the investment can be a higher return when it comes to your health, happiness, business, and relationships. I often coach business owners on all things virtual assistant –how to hire, interview, onboard, and delegate. Sometimes that’s a struggle for people to admit they need one or to give up the tasks that they think only they can do. Personal Assistants or House Managers are an even harder sell, but having one can be life-changing.

What’s the difference between a Personal Assistant and House Manager?

Maybe nothing, depending on what they like to be called. I used to call mine my a personal assistant until she introduced me to the term house manager and it fits her much better, based on what she does for us. The job descriptions are gray, but here is what you might expect from either. note what mine does for me.

Personal Assistant

  • Runs errands – dry cleaning, shipping, grocery, etc.
  • Light housework
  • Light meal prep
  • Makes calls or sends emails
  • Schedules appointments
  • Some pet duties

Attends events where you need someone to manage logistics, i.e., when I’m speaking, I would likesomeone to set up the tech, make sure I have what I need, tear everything down, take photos, etc. This allows me to engage with the attendees before and after.

House Manager

  • Maintains schedule of when things need to be done, i.e., descaling the coffeemaker, cleaning the fridge, steaming floors, and caulking sinks and tubs.
  • Laundry – she folds like the Gap and now I don’t even bother trying.
  • Housecleaning – She cleans what needs it since not all rooms need to be tended to every week.
  • Tailors clothes – mine notices a hole and takes it home and sews it without me asking (yes, I know, she is fantastic).
  • Runs errands
  • Some pet duties
  • Meal prep – mine chops and preps my produce box that gets delivered on Wednesdays.
  • Manages other assistants, i.e., lawn care, housecleaning service (if you have a bigger house you may need a service as well).
  • Meal creation
  • Is the Doer of Things – mine just sees what needs to be done and does it. She has bought us razer holders for the shower and straws to fit in my tall water bottles.

This is not a joke. Some people really do these things and love it. Mine does this full time and works for several people. She takes great pride in how she helps people and how it allows me to be able to spend more time with clients. It took me several months to admit I hired herbut two years later and I can’t imagine my life without her. At first, I had to justify it by saying it gave me more time to work on my business, but now, I don’t feel I need justification. It’s too beneficial in other ways.

I get 4-5 hours more a week to build my business.

She’s better than me at all of the tasks she does.

It’s cheaper than marriage counseling since my husband and I have different standards and timelines for what needs to be done, when, and to what level of perfection.

How do I find these angels, gnomes, or fairies? Do they really exist?

Depending on where you live, it may be as simple as asking Sir Google for Personal Assistant companies in your area. I have had great luck with my clients through It’s mostly known as a nanny and babysitting website, but you can also hire PAs and HMs through here. Create a profile and set up your job description based on what you want and need, not what you think fits into a perfect box. Get creative. What do you not like doing, never make time for or aren’t good at? Do you have a housecleaning service but they don’t do laundry? Do you have visions of cooking at night but don’t want to spend the time washing and chopping? Do you despise errand running like I do (my husband does this in our household) and want someone to be on hand to make trips?

Write down your specifics and give them a heads up on how big your house is, how many errands you need per week, if you have pets, if you work from home, etc. They need to know what they are getting themselves into. You will start getting several inquiries, so the more specific, the better. After you have performed interviews, do a reference check from at least 2-3 people and use the upgraded service in to do the background checks too.

Pick one or two applicants and test them out for 30 days. They can’t read your mind so be patient with them learning how you want things done.

  • What can this free you up to do?
  • Spend more time generating income.
  • Enjoy a night out by yourself or a partner.
  • Eat healthier by avoiding the fast food run.

Intrigued? What three things would you delegate right now to a Personal Assistant or House Manager and what’s keeping you from hiring one?

Three Ways Technology Can Help Productivity

Three Ways Technology Can Help Productivity

This is a guest post by Cassie

Technology has a bad reputation for making people lazier. However, we believe it comes down to the individual and not the technology. It helps to free up time for the user, but how one uses that newfound time determines if the technology is useful or not, whether you're using it for leisure or work.

In today's article, we'll be looking at three powerful ways technology can help you be more productive in life.


We often take technology and automation as one in the same. This is warranted as automation is a form of technology that is quick, accurate and can help us complete tedious tasks in a “set and forget” fashion. For example, if you run social media for your business, you may not always have time to think up status updates and to post them sticking to a schedule.

Services such as Hootsuite or Buffer alleviate this issue, as you can load all your updates for a few days, a week or more all at the same time, and forget about social media until it's time to update your automation service again (which it will prompt you to do automatically!).

Social media updates for businesses and entrepreneurs are a good example of how you can free up your time for more productive tasks. Sure we all want to engage with our followers and audience socially, but there are other areas of the business to focus on. Once all your social updates are taken care of through automation, you can take your time to become strategic with your business, concentrate on new products, releases and relationships that can propel your company to the next level.

There are hundreds of high-quality software and technological solutions that can provide automation for business and leisure related purposes. Think of something time-consuming you'd rather outsource to technology, then search the net for a answer; you'll be surprised at how many resources are available to help you be more efficient and productive.


From virtual to-do lists using platforms such as Trello or Asana to automatically organizing our contacts in our smartphones in the blink of an eye, technology is amazing for organizational purposes. We often take these things for granted; you could wager that most young adults these days have never been through the arduous task of physically writing out all their contacts’ information in a phone diary.

No matter what it is you need organizing, technology has a solution for you. Through using apps on your smart devices to laptops and computers, you can organize your lifestyle hobbies and work files neatly. What does this do for us? It saves us time when searching for things, and helps us to complete objectives promptly. When we have more time on our hands, we can devote more attention to productive tasks.


If someone needs to contact you, no matter where you are or what you're doing, as long as you have an internet connection or mobile reception, you can be reached. This is evident to us, but at one point in time, it would have seemed impossible.

Thinking back to just a few decades ago, if someone told you there was a platform on the internet allowing you to show almost everyone on Earth what you're doing at a given moment while traveling on an airplane at 35,000 feet, you'd have told them they were crazy. Well, with Facebook and WiFi, this is now a part of our daily experience.

This level of availability means you can be reached to prepare plans and fix issues instantly, which prevents problems from escalating during your absence. Most people in 2017 are only an email, text, instant message or phone call away, virtually eliminating wasted time. The sheer amount of productivity this availability lends itself to is immense.

Using public WiFi has its perks, but it is worth mentioning you should protect your activity and information using a secure network. Utilization and exchange of personal information, such as addresses, credit card information, and emails, comes part and parcel with this level of connectivity, and identity theft will cost you heaps of time and money.

Overall, through utilizing technology for automation, organization, and availability, you can significantly free up your time to focus on productive tasks in your personal and business life. Whether you want more time on your hands for family life, or you need more time to develop the next product release from your company, technology can come to your rescue.

Author bio: Cassie is a health and tech blogger who enjoys keeping up to date with the latest advancements in automation technology. She uses tech in her personal and business life to free up her time so that she can focus on company growth and her favorite hobbies.



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