Are you ready for the 25 in 25® Exercise Challenge?

Are you ready for the 25 in 25® Exercise Challenge?

Think you don't have time to exercise in December?

Decided to postpone your health until January because, hey….your body and your mind understand it's the holidays, right?

Grab five friends. Sign up. Change your December to change your life.

The Rules

  • Exercise for a total of 25 minutes every day from December 1 until December 25.
    Walk, run, yoga, bodyweight exercises, ride a unicycle…I don't care. Just move! You can even break it up throughout the day—intentional movement for a total of 25 minutes.
  • Alternatively, you can walk 6000 steps.
    Track this with your smartwatch or pedometer.
  • You can skip Christmas Day, but only if you exercise for 50 minutes on Christmas Eve.
    Or get bonus points for doing both!
  • Check into the Nudge app every day.
    Non-negotiable. I want to see how you're doing!

Need help signing up for the 25 in 25® Exercise Challenge? Click on this link 25 in 25® to register.

February Hack – Standing Desk for Health & Productivity

February Hack – Standing Desk for Health & Productivity

By now, most of you have heard that sitting is the new smoking and how bad sitting is for you. I have had a standing desk for about seven years now and cannot fathom going back to a seated desk.  Even when I'm working from the Starbucks I look for a tall table that I can stand and do my work.  Does this mean I stand all day long? Not always, but I do stand for most of it.

How I hack my whole foods diet. #Quant Diet Project.

How I hack my whole foods diet. #Quant Diet Project.

The Lift Quantified Diet Project Week #3 is going well as expected since I was randomly assigned to my basic diet. Twice this week I strayed from whole foods when I ate a Kashi TLC granola bar as a hangry snack in my car and when I had a Starbucks Via packet because I slept like crap the night before and didn’t have time to make coffee or tea. (more…)


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