Sleep Health Infographic

Sleep Health Infographic

When I am stressed it shows in my sleep health.  Lavender oil, prescription meds, warm baths, food concoctions, no digital for two hours….I have tried it all. I go to sleep easy and then wake up and can't shut off my brain. Sometimes I am awake for hours. Studies show that people who work the night shift tend to have more body fat than people who work regular hours. The ‘Driving on Fumes' part speaks to adventure racers who go much longer than that without sleep. In a 24 hour race you are easily awake for 30+ hours. I have always said the most dangerous part of a 24+ hour race is the drive home. No matter how jacked up you are on caffeine you are still driving like you are drunk. I usually don't stay for awards or prizes because I want to hit the road while I still have adrenalin to drive me. About two hours post I hit the danger zone. What's the longest you have gone with no sleep? I think mine was 42 hours. zzzzzzzz…….

Check out this Sleep Health Infographic

Lack of Sleep Infographic


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