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Meet Marcey

Productivity and Health Coach, Speaker, Author

Few people understand the corporate-to-business-owner environment better than I do. During my 16 years in multiple business operations roles, I positioned myself as the go-to person for all things related to training staff on efficient technologies, work productivity, and business travel. When I had climbed the corporate ladder as far as I wanted, I left to start my healthy lifestyle coaching business in 2013.

The pivotal moment for me was a diagnosis of multiple autoimmune diseases triggered by my high-stress, high-travel, high-burnout lifestyle. I had waited too long, and the results were scary. At the time, there wasn’t anyone out there educating people about how health affects productivity or how productivity affects health. I felt I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands and do the research. After figuring out strategies and actionable steps to manage my condition, it just made sense to turn those insights into a business coaching others. My struggles are now one of my clients’ greatest assets. I offer personalized support, accountability, and productive strategies to help others move the needle on their careers, their health, and their dreams. I love what I do for my clients and view my illnesses as gifts.

Some say being healthy and productive requires self-discipline, commitment, and willpower.

I disagree.

I believe being healthy and productive takes knowledge, support, and genuine behavior change. It takes the right systems to save ourselves from ourselves and decrease decision fatigue. Willpower isn't finite.


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Street, Trail, and Water Cred

I did all of this while mastering my schedule, task list, shutting down at night with inbox zero, and going on a date with my husband every week. However, it doesn't matter how many boxes are checked if they aren't the right boxes.  

– Marcey

Not only do I talk the talk, but I walk the walk. As a road warrior business traveler for a decade, I'll be the first to tell you I made mistakes. All. Of. The. Mistakes. Then, I got it together. After realizing managing chronic autoimmune conditions required making some serious changes, I progressed to a different kind of fit and healthy, while learning how to organize my time. Now I evaluate everything with a holistic approach and consider the long-term risks and benefits to my health, happiness, business, and soul. I encourage my clients to make a similar mindset shift.

I qualified for the Boston Marathon and hiked the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim, among other physical accomplishments. Yep, impressive, right? They used to define me when I needed to prove something. Been there. Done that. I identify myself in other ways now.




(including two ironmans)


6 – 30hr Adventure Races
(including two National Championships)


Endurance and Ultra Trail Running Races


Endurance and Ultra Mountain Bike Races

Given these incredible numbers, you’d be forgiven for thinking I have unreasonably high expectations for others. I really will meet you where you are and design an individualized program that supports you.

Take a look at these case studies based on interviews with two of my clients.

When I first saw you, Marcey, I remember thinking: this is the fittest person I have ever seen. I was so intimidated and was in such a bad place in my life at that time with work, health, and weight. Then I heard you talk and thought maybe you could help me. I am so glad I got past the intimidation and reached out.  Meeting you has been really beneficial to me not only for taking charge of my health, but the most amazing thing has been that I gained a new friend – YOU! Thank you for your friendship.
Kendyle Woodward

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"$peaker Talk" interview with Marcey Rader | Work Well. Play More!

What Clients are saying about Marcey

Marcey’s work will quite literally change your life in productivity and live a “whole life” with rituals to help you with your productivity, health, and that of your family. She not only already streamlined our processes but also saved us money. Marcey is one of a kind.

I initially hired Marcey Rader to help me with my work productivity and velocity. Within one month she has made a tremendous difference in how I work. Her work is valuable to a CEO or any knowledge worker. Marcey also has immense depth and breadth of knowledge in coaching personal health and wellness.

Gregory Florez

CEO, V² Performance

I feel like I really had a break for the first time since I can remember- man that feels good. Feeling rejuvenated, I was able to come back today much more focused and present, ready to work on putting new habits into practice and rock this! Thank you so much for believing in me, Marcey!

Noelle Ybarra

Wellness Coordinator, RTI International

 I want to help women and men be super, without thinking that they have to be a superhero.

– Marcey

These days I’m still on the go:

  • workhacking
  • mountain biking
  • email processing
  • trail running
  • schedule mastering
  • hoop dancing
  • plane-hopping
  • coffee loving
  • meal planning
  • task finishing
  • automating
  • jump roping
  • outsourcing
  • meditating

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