#BedTalk #9 Coronahair for Charity!

#BedTalk #9 Coronahair for Charity!

Are you struggling with #Coronahair? Have you walked by your mirror and scared yourself because you aren't recognizable? Does it look like a cat landed on your head, and you desperately want to be your hairdresser's first appointment back? Fix your Coronahair for charity!

My friend Jess Ekstrom is the founder of Headbands of Hope, a non-profit that gives a headband to a child with an illness for every headband sold. They have donated over 500,000 headbands around the world. 

Headband of Hope

They sell other headwear and clothing, and due to COVID-19, they are now donating a mask to a healthcare professional for every item sold!

Use the code PlayMore for $5 off your order by clicking on this link. * Headbands of Hope

Thank you to Becky Sansbury for coming up with this great idea!

I'd love to see photos of your #Coronahair. Check out my husband's band, Jack the Radio, who felt that their #Coronahair was art-worthy.

corona hair

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BedTalk #8 – Get your iced coffee fix now!

BedTalk #8 – Get your iced coffee fix now!

Do you love to drink iced coffee in the summer but don't want to get jacked up on caffeine all day long? Cut it with Teeccino and get your iced coffee fix with half the caff!

I love cold brew. My favorite drink at Starbucks is a Grande Sweet Cream Vanilla Cold Brew with half the syrup in a venti cup (yes, I'm a diva like that). Since that's a treat drink for me, I stick with a Marceycinno at home on most days. To extend the feeling and taste of the cold brew without drinking 20+ ounces of coffee, I cut it with Teeccino.

Teeccino is a coffee alternative, not a coffee substitute. It brews just like regular coffee and comes in multiple flavors like chocolate mint, caramel nut, and hazelnut. It's a great way to wean yourself from coffee, cut your caffeine intake by mixing it (you won't notice the difference), and still get that coffee feel.

On Sundays I brew a large pot of Teeccino and make iced cubes with it. I put the rest in a container to mix half and half with my coffee throughout the week.

Try it and get your iced coffee fix without all the jitters.

You can buy Teeccino here on Amazon* – https://amzn.to/2zJkLZ7 or on their website https://teeccino.com/shop

*Affiliate link where I get a few coins and you don't pay any extra!

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#Bed Talk #7 Listicize the positive changes

#Bed Talk #7 Listicize the positive changes

Marcey Rader in #BedTalkChallenge talks about the positive things that may have come from the shelter-in-place. She and her husband have decided to create a listicize the positive changes they liked from the shelter-in-place and what they will keep in their routine.

Before the quarantine, Marcey and Kevin never ate meals together during the week. Now they have lunch together almost every day. They definitely want to keep that!

A client of Marcey's said he was the happiest he'd been in three years. Why? What can they keep from their new routines to help him stay in his happy place?

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#BedTalk #6 Walking backward to move forward

#BedTalk #6 Walking backward to move forward

Do you feel like lately you've been walking backward and not going anywhere or are falling behind?

I was excited to get the latest book from Jeff Nischwitz, Just One Step: Walking Backwards to the Present on the Camino Trail

Jeff literally walked backward during his epic journey because it was too painful to walk forward. I've also experienced the same thing after a marathon, where walking backward eased the pain I was in. Even though we couldn't see where we were going, we were still forging ahead whether the outcome was the end of an epic trail or the bottom of my stairs.

It might seem like lately you've been moving backward, but flip that switch. Is there a growth opportunity out of it that is actually propelling you forward? Maybe not now, but in the future?

Stay to the end, where you see my current book of choice, the fluff one sometimes has to read in the midst of a pandemic!

The #BedTalkChallenge was created by David Rendall.

#BedTalk #5 Stop Shoulding on Yourself

#BedTalk #5 Stop Shoulding on Yourself

Declutter your house! Learn Dutch! Organize all your files!

Are you starting to should on yourself about all the things you should be doing? Even worse, are you shoulding on others? Stop shoulding.

When we use the word should we are saying that we failed. Not everyone's work or responsibilities has decreased. For some, it has increased. Don't feel like you need to keep up with everyone else.

For the people who aren't working they may be excited to find time to finally learn that language.
For people who have been wanting to work on a house project for a year, they now have the hours to do it.

But if you are working hard all day and you just want to watch Ozark in the evening?
Go for it. Stop shoulding on yourself.

Just make sure you do some push-ups and squats in between each episode 🙂

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#BedTalk #4 Keeping Positive Habits During COVID-19

#BedTalk #4 Keeping Positive Habits During COVID-19

Keep as many good habits as you can. It's harder to restart a habit than start a brand new one.

Are all your bad habits going out the window with the shelter-in-place (sheltered and safe!) restrictions? Stop that madness! Focus on your positive habits and keep them up.

Keep as many of your good habits as possible and keep up your routine. We're not on vacation and it will be harder for you to get back your positive behaviors when things go back to normal.

Go to bed at a decent time instead of binging Netflix. Food prep on Sundays instead of winging it throughout the week and getting snack attacks every couple of hours. Keep up your movement instead of getting pancake butt while destroying your brain cells with hours of social media.

Marcey talks about maintaining positive habits in this latest #BedTalk, inspired by David Rendall and the #BedTalkChallenge. Check out this #BedTalk about keeping up your Diva Day.

What positive routine will you commit to keeping?


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