Are you ready for the 25 in 25® Exercise Challenge?

Are you ready for the 25 in 25® Exercise Challenge?

Think you don't have time to exercise in December?

Decided to postpone your health until January because, hey….your body and your mind understand it's the holidays, right?

Grab five friends. Sign up. Change your December to change your life.

The Rules

  • Exercise for a total of 25 minutes every day from December 1 until December 25.
    Walk, run, yoga, bodyweight exercises, ride a unicycle…I don't care. Just move! You can even break it up throughout the day—intentional movement for a total of 25 minutes.
  • Alternatively, you can walk 6000 steps.
    Track this with your smartwatch or pedometer.
  • You can skip Christmas Day, but only if you exercise for 50 minutes on Christmas Eve.
    Or get bonus points for doing both!
  • Check into the Nudge app every day.
    Non-negotiable. I want to see how you're doing!

Need help signing up for the 25 in 25® Exercise Challenge? Click on this link 25 in 25® to register.

25 in 25 ® is complete!

25 in 25 ® is complete!

The 25 in 25 ® was a success!

My goal from the start was 100 participants in the 25 in 25 ®.  Seeing the numbers move up to 798 people was exciting and inspiring.  I looked forward to reading the messages every day from around the world.   (more…)

25 in 25® in the final stretch!

25 in 25® in the final stretch!

The 25 in 25® is still going strong!

This week was super-exciting for me because my plan was featured in an article in Business Insider and San Francisco Chronicle.  The writer, Julie Bort, is still going strong with her 25 in 25 ®!

@DaveWinningham says “I can see the finish line.  This challenge has been great!”

Paul J Stinson, Durham's Favorite Realtor, says “Thanks to Marcey I walked in the airport instead of sitting at the bar.”

CatetheGreat @catestew is going strong on her ‘dreadmill' and rakin' in the miles before 6am!

Huge shout out to Rubberbanditz and Sprigs for donating prizes.  Will you be one of the receivers of these lovely gifts?

I woke up at 4:30am on 12/23 to do the 25 in 25® with my Mom, Darla Shore and Jennifer Davis, who have been doing P90X every morning at 5:00am.  I'm so proud of them for doing this every morning, bright and early before work!


Don't forget prize winners must check in on December 25 and post via social media on or tweet @marceyrader with the hash tag #25in25.

I also have a BRAND new plan that I'm excited about!  If you are ready to make a healthy daily habit that will only take ten minutes but can change your life. Take a deep breath and click below!


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