Tatyana blankenship

Pharmaceutical Project Manager, Durham, NC

Marcey taught me hands-on skills that have made me exponentially more efficient, but her real gift was showing me I was trying to get efficient in areas that don’t make me happy or serve me professionally. She opened a new way for me to quantify and evaluate the time I spend on others and on myself. The time I’m saving as a result of her teaching is now being spent pursuing a path that will bring me real joy and a sense of purpose. What I once filled with absentminded busyness I now fill with business!

Sylvia Inks

Financial Coach and Cash Flow Specialist, Raleigh NC

I didn’t realize how unproductive my days were until I took Marcey’s Work Well. Play More!® Crash Course workshop. I had an “aha” moment when Marcey shared that every email introduction takes us 15-25 minutes to re-focus. No wonder I was staying up well past midnight working on my business and replying to emails. After the workshop, I immediately implemented three of her productivity tips, and was able to go accomplish more in three days than I had in two weeks…all while going to bed two hours earlier! If you are feeling overwhelmed by the emails in your inbox and are working more hours in your business than you’d like, then take this workshop and hire Marcey for an intensive power plan. Once you do, you’ll quickly realize you wished that you had found her sooner!

Mrs. Abigail George

Certified Etiquette Consultant, Danville, VA

After hearing you speak, I changed my web offering of an initial one-hour, face-to-face consultation to a 20-minute phone consultation. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but… needed permission to do it and now feel very relieved.

Kendyle Woodard

Vice President, Biotech Company, Wake Forest NC

Something in my life had to change, and I was hoping Marcey could help in my transition. By taking charge of my health, I was able to create positive habits such as exercising, eating well, and meditating. I’ve even been more productive at work. I’ve lost 25 pounds (so far) and feel healthy for the first time in years.

Sara Shelp

Corporate Controller, Boulder, CO / Emerald Isle, NC

Everyone needs a little of what Marcey has to offer. I don’t care who they are, if they can’t increase productivity by working with Marcey, then they don’t fog a mirror.


Amy Howard

CHief Branding Officer, Cary NC

After hiring Marcey, I would PAY DOUBLE. I get done in three hours what used to take me all day.


Amy Humphries

Marketing Strategist & Navigatrix, London England

I finally have control over my day and the mental bandwidth to take on my big goals. Doing this essential work has no doubt been instrumental in the fact that I’m on track for my biggest income month ever.

Kyle Robinson

Co-Founder, Wellzesta, Greenville, SC

Marcey’s enthusiasm for wellness and productivity radiated and inspired a room of entrepreneurs. In fact, her encouragement about not sitting while you work and implementing walking meetings literally made me stand up during her presentation. Knowledge and willingness to improve my health worked right on the spot.


Wendy Gates-Corbett

Chief Executive Officer and Presentationist, Raleigh NC

The email management techniques you taught me have flipped my relationship with my Inbox. I used to dread opening my email because I felt weighed down by the 1500+ messages that sat in my Inbox for months. I now control my Inbox—when an email comes in, where it goes, and when I respond to it.

As a business owner, my Inbox is often my pipeline. Hating and dreading my emails didn’t serve me well at all! Flipping my relationship with email has empowered me and prepared me to scale my business.

Eyenie Schultz

Brand and Style Alchemist, Paris, France

What I loved about working with Marcey was her hands-on, let’s GSD Now! approach. She doesn’t just leave you homework, she walks you through her brilliant processes and shows you how to do it right then and there. I always feel like my way of being and doing things has been totally transformed after every session with her! Thanks to the systems and hacks Marcey has helped me implement, I’m much more efficient, I don’t get email anxiety anymore, and I’m MUCH more productive.

Barbara Iandolo

Executive Assistant, Boston, MA

The Good Enough concept changed my life in an instant. I can’t tell you what a difference the labels make – especially the red label for my son. I haven’t missed any action items since! There are so many positive behavior changes I’ve adopted just thinking about them make me realize how much my life has changed since I met you!


Donna Berkelhammer


Marcey helped me set up systems that make sense and are easy to use, allowing me to be efficient and pass savings on to my clients.

Jen Shevlin

Associate Director Human Resources, Boston, MA

I feel 1000 times better. I now have the confidence and tools to achieve my personal and professional goals in a healthy way. This has totally changed my life. I feel so much more in control.

Kristin Tzetzo

Human Resources Business Partner, BostoN MA

Marcey helped me learn how to create manageable goals and incorporate different techniques that have improved my quality of life. Her energetic and upbeat style is great motivation. She cares about your personal success and helps you achieve your desired goals in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you and allows you to see the small wins along the way.

Pam Chanfrau

CHIEF Executive Officer, Richmond, VA

Marcey is professional, approachable and gets down to business. She knows her stuff, and her perspective is the fresh look I needed to mold my changing staff as we were approaching the busiest time of the year.

Andrea Pereira

Human Resources Business Partner, Wake Forest, NC

Thank you, thank you thank you! I took a 2-week vacation (never done that before!) and was able to fully disconnect. The first few days back to work after any vacation have typically been stressful, and involve late nights on my laptop. I left on time every day and didn’t work at night at all. SUCCESS!!!!!

Robert Joseph

Head of Global and Consumer Safety, Chapel Hill, NC

This workshop is very practical with changes that are easy to implement and make a positive impact quickly. As we spend a lot of our work lives in meetings, it is crucial that we use this time efficiently and effectively. This workshop will undoubtedly help.