5 Simple Exercises To Keep Fit Anywhere

5 Simple Exercises To Keep Fit Anywhere

Do you want to exercise but feel like you don’t have the necessary workout equipment?
Do you wish to keep fit but find it hard to go to the gym?
Do you want to maintain your figure and toned body but find it hard because you’re constantly traveling?

This is a guest post by Billy Smith


Underwear Workouts!

Underwear Workouts!

Underwear workouts? Did that get your attention?  I’m not talking about bed business kind of workouts. I’m talking about actual exercise in your unders.  I often hear from people who travel that they don’t want to take up any space in their luggage by packing exercise clothes, shoes or equipment.

I can empathize with wanting to pack lightly, however, you don’t need all of those things all of the time.  I almost always pack exercise clothes, shoes and equipment but sometimes I have forgotten or I have been in a hotel with no gym or even a family or friend’s home with no space to exercise and it is freezing rain outside.

What to do? If you are staying in your room, you really only need your underwear and if you are a female, a sports bra. Almost all of the workouts I post on my site can be done in a hotel room, with very little space, no or little equipment necessary.  Use the hotel towel as your mat and you have everything you need.  If you think that it’s necessary to have heavy dumbbells or a Smith Machine in order to get your sweat on, try a couple of my workouts and repeat 4-5 times. If you want up to 55 pounds of resistance try my Jetsetter Kit by Rubberbanditz. It weighs less than a pound and is compact enough for a carry-on.

No excuses.  If you wear underwear, you can exercise.

And if you don’t…please make use of that hotel towel and don’t forget to close the curtains 🙂


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