Work Well. Play More!®

Are you a constant multitasker, hypertasker, and switchtasker and seem never to cut down the size of that To Do list?

When you think of your ideal self, are you fit, organized, high-achieving, full of energy and possibly wearing a superhero cape?

Your current nose-to-the-grindstone lifestyle is resulting in extra pounds and the stink-eye from your doctor. Maybe you’re even recently diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension or adrenal fatigue. Your current processed food eating, no exercise, no sleep lifestyle results in inefficient and ineffective work.

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My clients are changing their behaviors in big ways!

  • Corporate employees have received promotions or new jobs
  • Business owners have had their most successful months ever
  • Lost up to 50 pounds
  • Decreased or come off of medications
  • Started families
  • Stopped working nights and weekends
  • Took their first real, unplugged vacations in years
  • Started Executive MBA programs
  • Eliminated the need to spend money on outsourcing with the right systems
  • Outsourced personal tasks to have more time to play
Solutions as unique as you are.

The keys to success are life-long, sustainable behavior changes. Health and productivity coaching based on the Work Well. Play More!® System includes three sessions per month of virtual or face to face sessions with email and text accountability between.

High-touch coaching delivering high-impact results.

  • Movement Opportunities to increase your energy that works with your schedule, equipment and time.
  • Behavior-based nutrition recommendations to eat real food based on your preferences, not the latest fad diet.
  • Sleep techniques to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Relaxation methods that fit your personality to decrease stress, increase calmness and improve decision-making.
  • Productivity strategies to manage your inbox, take back your agenda and prioritize your tasks.
  • Personal and professional outsourcing recommendations to stop wasting time on the $10 tasks and focus on your line of genius and what matters to you most.

“Marcey Rader is my go-to resource when it comes to getting the most out of myself. Her proven hacks have propelled me to be more effective business owner and power through the day without crashing. Now I have the energy to enjoy life outside work. When you eat right and are active, you set yourself up for success. My business and my overall health are at an all time high thanks to Marcey and her program.”

– Stephen Dunn
Principal and Owner, Graphix Solution, Durham, NC

It’s not self-care. It’s self-respect.

I climbed that ladder in Corporatelandia, traveled on a weekly basis, beat my body up, and thought sleep was a luxury. I ignored symptoms until they became my new normal and later got a slap-in-the-face diagnosis of autoimmune disease. I discovered there is a way. When I left to start my own business, I took my paper education and combined it with real-life experience to help others achieve their goals by improving their health and productivity.

Work Well. Play More!® is a customized system addressing nutrition, exercise, and productivity tailored to your goals. I believe that you can’t be healthy without being productive, and you can’t be productive without being healthy.

Making it to the top does nothing if you’re tired, have no energy, work until midnight and can’t remember the last time you hung out with your friends and family.

After just a few sessions with Marcey, I started to breathe again and approach my days not only with more confidence but also more time! I learned real and practical tools for email/calendar management, energy management and balancing all the chaos that comes with being a mom, wife, and rising professional. Fast forward 18 months, and I’m a new person, in a new role, in an executive MBA program and in-tune with my own capabilities more than I ever have been before. I am, quite possibly for the first time in my life, in control of my time and energy.


Andrea Pereira, HR Business Leader, Wake Forest, NC

Luxury Business Retreat

Need an executive retreat to increase your efficiency and improve healthy habits while staying at a luxurious, all-inclusive resort?

“Working with Marcey at the intensive helped me regain focus. I’m now ready to attack life and business with a new determination and passion.”

− Todd. R. President, B&M Steel Fabrication, Union City, IN

  • An exclusive, all-about-you week to declutter your body, mind, and inbox.
  • Move your body, eat delicious food and develop skills to continue the behaviors at home.
  • Offline hacks on email, task, time and outsourcing management giving you more time when you’re back in the grind.