Marcey’s Most Recommended


Welcome to my curated list of the tools and websites I strongly recommend for productivity and health. I have tested and/or currently use every recommendation on this page. Before diving in, I need to disclose that some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use these myself and would recommend them regardless, but if I can make a small commission, why not?


If you get nothing else, get a password manager! Generate, store, and confidentially share your passwords. Keep track of your credit cards to easily add payments. Assign users to access your account in the event of injury or death.

I like Dropbox for my cloud storage because recipients don’t need a Dropbox account or special privileges to access your shared document. Assign expiration dates, view or edit access and share entire folders or single documents.

Sign or request signatures without ever printing off a piece of paper again. HelloSign keeps track of outstanding documents, allows multiple signers, has version control, and will automagically store signed documents in your Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or Evernote.

Protect yourself from yourself by blocking social media and distractions on specific intervals. I use it to block email from 8pm-9am every day and all day Sunday, and block Amazon during my peak productivity hours so I don’t get distracted! Use code WORKWELL for 40% off the yearly plan!

We use this for keeping track of our community that opts in to newsletters, downloads, and training. Mailchimp makes it super easy to design creative newsletters and campaigns, as well as segment to different verticals within your list.

We have four WordPress websites and Divi makes it simple to edit and make changes right on the page and see the updates in real-time. It’s also packed with more than 100+ pre-made templates that you can easily import and edit to match your branding.

The world’s best grammar and proofreader right on your desktop. Write directly into Grammarly and see suggestions based on what you want to communicate – technical, business, casual, or creative language. Stop wasting time crafting the perfect email and let Grammarly do it for you.

Time tracking productivity tool to show you how much time you spend on all websites and applications. Assign levels for productivity and distraction and improve your effectiveness each week. Get 30% off by linking from this page!

Cloud storage with extraordinary Optical Character Recognition (OCR) where the search even works with my sloppy handwriting. The best program for snipping web pages and articles off the internet and downloading entire eBooks.

My favorite Pomodoro Time Tracking app! I set a timer throughout the day to help me track time, keep me from procrastinating, and give me rewards. This can also be used as a timesheet with client reports using tags you come up with. Use MARCEY19 for 30% off any yearly/monthly plan.

Free Gmail Extension that blocks me from seeing my Inbox until I’m ready. I can send emails all day, but not get distracted by incoming emails unless I choose ‘Show Inbox’. I also set a limit to how many times per day I can Show Inbox and make myself have a countdown timer of 60 seconds before I see it.

Alternative to Inbox When Ready that allows you to Pause your Inbox and only see it when you are in email-processing mode.

My number #1 tool to organize newsletters, RSS feeds, and promotions. This is a free program that combs your email finds new subscriptions to easily unsubscribe or roll-up into a daily digest.

Give this gift to yourself and your loved ones and put a plan in place for your digital legacy. Manage your digital life by having a system for passwords and sharing and a plan in place if something were to happen to you. Self-paced training as well as coaching with Annette, a Work Well. Play More! Team Specialist. Use code PLAYMORE for $10 off!

My preferred customer relationship management system for Gmail. Create pipelines, client boxes, canned snippets, snooze emails, and create reports. Free and paid versions available.

Scheduling tool for multiple types of appointments and locations. Easily syncs with multiple calendars and takes payment via Stripe or Paypal. I recommend hiring an Acuity Expert to help you set it up and then never go back and forth over email to schedule an appointment again!

We use Canva for all of our marketing materials, newsletters, and proposals. I recommend the Pro version to have access to a full library of templates and elements to play with.

Visme is an easy way for you to communicate visually. They have a wide array of templates you can explore to transform your designs into stunning visual formats. You don’t have to be an artist, but you can look like one!

You Need A Budget is my favorite budgeting software. It’s super simple to use and ensures you put all your money in a bucket and everything is accounted for. I use it for my business budgeting as well. There isn’t anything like it to help you keep track of your finances. They also have informative podcasts and webinars to help you get started. Use this link to get a free month!

I love using TripLog Mileage to track the miles driven for work, medical appointments, and charity. It’s super easy with the TripLog Beacon that plugs into your USB drive or the bluetooth on your phone. I like the Beacon because I don’t have to think about it. Once a week I go in to the website and reconcile my miles to share with my accountant at tax time. Easy-peasy! Enterprise levels as well!

For a 20% discount use the code 233203


Need a Virtual Assistant? Filipino VAs are loyal, hard-working, and multi-talented. Send a description of the type of VA you are looking for to VSF and they will give you up to five people to interview along with references, resumes, personality profiles and social media profiles. They are a headhunting service. Once you hire the assistant, they are an independent contractor. 

Fancy Hands is a task-based service where you purchase a bucket of tasks per month. Need internet research, travel plans, or appointments scheduled? Use Fancy Hands! It’s also a great company perk to share the bucket of tasks per month.

Instacart has saved me over 100 hours in shopping since I started using it. I can choose between multiple grocery stores, shop in the app (or simply copy my previous order) and choose to have it delivered in as little as two hours, for just 10% of my bill! I would spend that in all the extra stuff I would buy in the store. You can even create group carts with co-workers or roommates.

Brandless is a direct purchase and subscription service for food, personal care items, and cleaning supplies. They take out the middleman, thus, brandless, so it’s cheaper than the store. The sizes are smaller and more convenient too. They abide by all California requirements and most items are organic, cruelty-free, pesticide-free, and environmentally friendly. Save $6 off your first order.


Patent-pending combination of springy, breathable latex foam over supportive, pressure-relieving memory foam, that doesn’t cause you to overheat. I love my Casper mattress! Use this link for $50 off.

Dream Essentials Contoured Eye Mask is my favorite mask. It doesn’t lie flat against your face so no wrinkles or crinkles (or messing up your makeup for mid-day naps!). Lightweight and adjustable. If you buy nothing else for your sleep, buy this. Use code MR250406 for 25%off

Pajamas for your ears! Headphones and earplugs are uncomfortable and fall out of your ears. These sleepphones are soft and cozy, with flat speakers to listen to your meditation, music or white noise.


I created the Jetsetter mobile gym kit for Rubberbanditz. It’s fifty pounds of resistance in a 12-ounce bag. There are no excuses for not getting your swoll on when you travel!

The FitDesk company has sit-to-stand desks, under-the-desk ellipticals, and bike desks (see my product review page). I use my FitBike almost daily for reading, watching webinars, and processing emails. Use the code Fit15 for 15% off.

One of the first portable standing desks on the market, this beautiful bamboo desk fits in a backpack and weighs less than two pounds. I take it everywhere and wrote most of my second book on it while in Umstead State Park. Use the code Marcey10 for $10.00 off

We all poo. Yes, even you. The Squatty Potty can help you get into a more natural position for easier bathroom time and to poo like royalty. Great for kids or short people who are in even more of an unnatural position. I recommend their Invisibrush and toilet spray as well.

Plant-based, toxin-free air freshener for your home. I use the lavender at night on my bedsheets and the bamboo in my car. Get $10 off your first purchase by linking from here.

I use this heart rate variability app every morning to determine what level of parasympathetic and sympathetic stress state I’m in. This determines my exercise routine for the day, if I need more rest or sleep, and if I can have caffeine. 

I use Doterra Peppermint during the day to energize me and lavender oil at night to help me relax. Top three oils for energy are peppermint, lemon, and bergamot. Top three for calming are lavender, wild orange, and calming blend.

Subscription Services

I use LeTote as my clothing subscription rental service. I get two bags per month of three items of clothing and two accessories. It cuts down on dry cleaning and is really useful when I travel. I wear the clothes and ship directly from the hotel so I don’t have to bring it home. Get $25 off your first order with this link!

Tired of throwing away cosmetics because you can’t use them fast enough? I like Stowaway because they are right-sized. Smaller to fit in pockets and for travel, but also eliminates the waste from not being able to use it before it goes bad. Cruelty-free and meets all EU guidelines for cosmetics.

Stop paying ridiculous prices for razors and throw away the cheap disposable brands that rip your legs and face up. DSC has quality razors at a fraction of the price. Plus, they have brilliant marketing that just makes me want to support them.