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Marcey Rader

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Remove the digital clutter from
your phone

How to Stop a Sugar Addiction

Track Your Time for Productivity

What's Your Joe Joe?
Task Mastery

Energy Escalators

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Marcey Rader Hack the Mobile Lifestyle Keynote


Productive, Clutter-free, Healthy Living – One Step at a Time

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What Experts Say About

Marcey Rader
Attending today’s Email Extinguisher class was truly eye-opening. Thank you for such an inspirational and insightful class! I have no doubt your efforts are making significant changes to the way we all work.
Audra Miller

Public Health Analyst, RTI International

Marcey’s love and passion for what she does shine through in the way she shows up in her work, and in life. Her enthusiasm and no-nonsense attitude truly set her apart, and she elevates the energy in the room, every time! The comprehensive informationshe provides can be applied immediately, so you walk away from her presentation, not just with the knowledge of what to do, but with the plan and action steps to put it in place. Marcey’s work is always top notch, and she genuinely cares about the success of her clients and their business.
Noelle Ybarra

Wellness Coordinator, RTI International

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 Testimonials for Beyond Travel

It’s a pretty tough crowd, and she held everyone’s attention until the very end.
Mike Hourigan

Marketing Director, Shoeboxed

Marcey’s program was amazingly helpfulAs a busy person of many years, I thought I had it all figured out. Her ideas have changed the way I operate day-to-day. I was even applying tips she gave right during the programWork is flowing, I’m getting more done and I feel at ease while doing it.
Troy Stende

Professional Speaker, Stende Inspirations

I never thought about how health and productivity went together until I started working with you. Now I know why I wasn’t able to make big changes in the past.
Andrea Pereira

HR Business Parter, Biogen

I took away tons of practical information from her talk. I travel 50 days a year and the binder clip idea…I’m totally doing that!

Thanks Marcey!

Karl Sakas

Business Consultant, Karl Sakas

I want to thank you so much for doing such an excellent job with our clients. People were talking about you through the rest of the conference. You were spot on with your presentation and it really resonated with the whole group.
Mona Miranda

Director Account Management, Travel Solutions International

During the past 2 years, the Vertex Pharmaceuticals women in leadership employee resource group has brought Marcey Rader in several times to deliver workshops to large groups of employees. Topics include managing email, prioritizing work tasks to focus on the most important and impactful, and taking care of our bodies through food, sleep, and mindful behavior to ensure maximum productivity and work-life synergy. Marcey is a dynamic speaker who brings a data-driven approach and simple recommendations that anyone can implement. People still talk about her workshops months after they occur. There is no doubt that Marcey Rader has influenced individuals to modify behaviors resulting in improved self-care and increased productivity.
Mary-Lynn Fulton

Head of Clinical Operations, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

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Sample Media Features

Podcast | ON THE BRINK

183: Marcey Rader—How To Maximize Your Productivity Without Hurting Your Health

Video Interview | KRISTA MOORE

Krista Moore Show interview on behavior change

Contact Information

 Contact: Marcey Rader
 Company Name: Rader Co.
 Phone Number: (484) 455 4122
 Email Address: marcey@workwellplaymore.com
 W9: Download W9 
 LinkedIn: /MarceyRader
 Speaking Website www.marceyrader.com/speaking
 Book Website: www.workwellplaymore.com/books
 Company Website: www.helloraderco.com
 Masterclass Website: masterclass.workwellplaymore.com
Marcey Working on laptop

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