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Navigating habit change can seem intimidating or daunting. As if it takes some mercurial combination of magic skills and luck to read the old conflicting maps and reach your destination without getting sidetracked or lost. Or it may appear to require a special breed of person, one with crazy amounts of discipline and a propensity for self-sacrifice, to successfully make it through its rigorous course… NOPE.

If you have experience with our Rader Co. methods, you know that anyone can access the road to habit change success. You see that it does not take magic, luck, extreme sacrifice, or crazy amounts of discipline. It's not a matter of the right juju; it's a matter of the right questions. Rader Co.'s Work Well. Play More! Masterclass program helps you identify what is blocking your path or disabling your sense of direction. Our methods are about discovering a better, faster direct line to where you want to go and a consistent commitment to making small, simple steps forward along these new pathways. Simple steps that build upon themselves exponentially, forging an exact, established route to success. Easy to find and access, again and again, to keep you reaching wherever you want to go.


I'm pretty sure I've never committed to 100 days of anything, but I pulled it off. It took 101 days because one day, I felt horrible, but I finished 100 days of Morning Meltdown! I definitely took a few options, and sometimes I thought I might die. But I finished!!!! Thank you!!!

Melissa Galasso

Maybe you just love working with Marcey and our fantastic team of specialists here at Rader Co. You wish more people knew about your life-changing but straightforward methods…


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These Focus90 sessions are now a favorite part of my week. I think I can actually feel my brain changing! I so badly needed this repair to my fragmented focus. Doing it with everyone else has made embracing change so much easier! With gratitude to you, I'll be going offline tonight with that precious empty space, the empty inbox, ready to welcome fresh challenges, tomorrow.

– Raya Wasser Senior Implementation Specialist & ProPartner Program Manager,

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