Coaching and Consulting

You’ve probably been around the block a few times. Us too – different blocks. That’s what coaching and consulting is all about: bringing new information, skills, advice, and guidance to the table. Giving you the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.
Climb the ladder? Close the deal? Inspire the team?
Build the business? All of those?
You got this – and we'll teach you to rock it without sacrificing your health or productivity.
  • Single or serial workshops
  • Private virtual coaching for high potentials and major players
  • Team Specialists to compliment performance goals
  • Access to the Work Well. Play More!® Masterclass
  • A whole new way to perceive the present…and shape the future


(I want. To. Rock. ♫)!

What Clients are saying about Marcey

The price of bringing Marcey on board was worth it for the first session alone when she transformed how I deal with email. With this system, I no longer had to keep separate lists and schedules. I immediately started getting more done, prioritizing more effectively, and quit worrying about dropping the ball.
Matt Bailey

President, Integr8 Research

Your email tricks were AWESOME! After a two-week vacation, I spent less time catching up on email than I normally do after two days out of the office!
Anne Mayer

Senior Supervisor, Biogen

I've always been a high-performer, working at two-hundred percent, 100% of the time. I've grown fast in my career, and I cannot imagine going through another year without the skills, tools, and habits Marcey has taught me. I will continue to reach new heights, but now I'll be able to do it SMARTER. I finally feel like I can work well and play well…and that's not marketing speak!
Jessica Kline

Associate Director, Internal & Brand Communications

Thank you for the many tips, tricks and hacks along with advice on productivity, leadership, wellness and relationships. I will carry forward many of these invaluable lessons, many of which have given me back some control and calm in my daily life.
Dave Welk

Vistage Member, Managing Director of Acquisitions Origin Investments, RTI International

Some of the practices recommended by Marcey are things I've heard before, but I couldn't pull them together until her workshop. She is adept at finding out your individual needs and work environment and tailoring her guidance, all the while giving you the background to adapt and change processes as needed. It was a balance of detailed advice as well as process recommendations. Best of all, it is something that is simple enough that I can maintain it.

Malcolm Alexander

Principal Software Developer, SAS Institute

How do you want to rock?

We’ve helped clients…

  • Nail that promotion or secure a new position
  • Enjoy their most successful entrepreneurial months ever
  • Lose up to 50 pounds (no kidding!)
  • Decrease or even eliminate the need for medications
  • Build tighter teams with more flexibility and fun
  • Speak and present with confidence
  • Stop working nights and weekends.
  • Enjoy a real vacation – 100% unplugged
  • Begin (and graduate) an Executive MBA program
  • Use the right systems to save money on outsourced labor
  • Work with colleagues across cultural barriers
  • Schedule a sacrifice-free life – Work Well. Play More!®


Let our team help your team think, act, and rock it as you grow the business, inspire your clients, and shape the future.

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