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Is Your Coffee Drink Killing your Productivity?

I’m Marcey Rader, and I’m a former sugarholic. I used to eat a treat every night after dinner, couldn’t board a plane without a Frappuccino in my hand and wouldn’t start work without a mocha latte. In my family, sugar was a food group and greens weren’t even an...

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Is your boxed frozen delicacy making you fat?

This article was originally published in Money, Inc. Did you know that your chemically-concocted, boxed frozen delicacy that says it’s healthy is setting you up for sabotage? What the heck is a whole food anyway? Isn’t it just a grocery store chain? The terms whole...

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Are you a Vacation Martyr?

Originally published in Money, Inc. Are you a liability to your company and to yourself? Are you a vacation martyr who feels like even a few days off will be too much to catch up on when you get back? Project: Time Off discovered half of Americans leave vacation time...

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How to Hire a Personal Assistant

This article was originally published in Money, Inc. Does the term Personal Assistant feel fancy-pants and out of reach? Do you think that having a House Manager is overkill to help you work in your line of genius? If you said yes to either, I’m writing to help you...

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Ways to Manage your Time Wisely

This infographic about ways to manage your time wisely is speaking my mind. I plan out my top tasks the night before, but always start my day with a meditation and the 5-min journal app. I use to track my time because most people underestimate how...

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Is it work-life balance or lagom?

Recently I came across a great word in the Swedish language - Lagom. Lagom means just the right amount, enough, in moderation or in balance. I don't use the words work-life balance because I think work and play are more like a teeter-totter or...

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