Go from tired, frustrated, burned-out and overwhelmed to energized, calm, and inspired!

Find exercise opportunities, eat real food and master your inbox, all while conquering the world.

You + Me = Magic

Are you sick of being tired? Do you feel like if you were given one more thing to do you would totally lose it?

Are you frustrated with the choices you make due to lack of time, that you just give up and do what’s easy?

Do you spend your evenings and weekends ‘catching up’ and working, but wishing you could just relax and play more?

Strategies and hacks from the Work Well. Play More!® System addressing nutrition, exercise, and productivity will empower you to

  • Eat real food to give you energy, make smarter decisions and fight off the Hangry Monster
  • Move your body without spending oodles of $$$, tons of time and injuring yourself
  • Shut down at night with inbox ZERO, so you can relax and feel in control
  • Manage your calendar allowing you to life off your own agenda

Work Well. Play More!® Feel Awesome by increasing your productivity and health. Make more money or make more time. Your choice. Neither are wrong.

Thank you for everything. I couldn't have done this without you. You have given me the courage of my conviction and enabled the execution.

Melissa KennedyFounder and Managing Partner, 48 Innovate

How do we conquer something that seems impossible or we’ve failed to implement before? When we feel like something is going to be too hard, we give up or make excuses not to try. We stick to the status quo.

But if you made it this far, you admit that the status quo isn’t working for you. You know that there are people out there hitting their goals, getting promoted, and climbing the ladder. Those people aren’t overweight and getting the stink eye from their doctor for not taking care of themselves. They’re able to hang out with their loved one without the electronic leash of their mobile device.

You know you are ready to get that next promotion. You know you are ready to build your business. You desire to be someone who chooses the smart and healthy option at lunch and can disconnect and be focused on family and friends.

If what you’re doing right now isn’t paying you back in the form of high-quality sleep, food, movement, work and client interactions you will never make it to the top.

Whether that top is a mountain that you hike or a promotion that you deserve, you’ll be fighting to get there harder than you need to be.

If only you could figure out the formula that seems to be working for other people out there with the same job you have and the same opportunities you’re given.

If you’re ready to stop ‘getting by’ and slaving away on the workmill to live an inspired, productive and healthy life tailored to fit your needs, I have something to share with you….
When I first started to travel weekly for my J-O-B, I often played the martyr and would never go out and see the city or have fun because I felt like I should always be working. No matter where I was and how long a day I put in, I worked. I had weird guilt feelings that I shouldn’t be enjoying myself or go to the beach even though I traveled all day on Sunday and worked 10 hours on Monday.

When I was home, I spent all weekend catching up to go again. When I left, I had to make sure the house was completely clean, groceries stocked, mail delivered, and litter boxes scooped. This drove my husband up the wall even though he didn’t care about half of it.

My life was not balanced

When I realized that busy wasn’t always progress and my lack of having play time actually reflected on my inability to get my work done, I changed my tune. If I could work smarter to have an extra hour to go to the beach, hike on the trail or walk around the city, why wouldn’t I do that?

If I could figure out what was important, what I should outsource and the minimum effective dose for whatever needed to happen my life could be what I envisioned.
I didn’t need to be a martyr.

Busy isn’t a badge

After one of my promotions, I spent a year in extreme stress for my job. I slept 3-4 hours a night, had symptoms that lasted so long they became my ‘new normal’ and became a total bore to my friends and husband since all I did was complain about work.

Fast forward to an autoimmune diagnosis that rocked my world and a permanent reminder of how I let my work affect my health. I didn’t cause my autoimmune disease, but my high-intensity, high-stress, high-travel lifestyle definitely triggered it.
I wanted to change my lifestyle for the better. I wanted the changes to be challenging, but doable and only affect my colleagues, family, and friends in a positive way. I wanted to climb the ladder within my company, be given responsibilities because I deserved them and be a valued member of our team.

I grabbed a whiteboard and made a list of 100 changes I wanted to make in my life in three areas – Health, Productivity, and Clutter.
I chose one behavior change from each area at a time and worked on it for 4-8 weeks.
I studied every productivity book and method I could find.
I became a Certified Productive Environment Specialist with the Productive Environment Institute.
I used the knowledge from my degrees in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and my certifications in Personal Fitness Training and Fitness Nutrition. I later became certified as a Behavior Change Specialist.

After seeing eight doctors in one year, I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I wanted to help people to continue to climb that ladder of success without sacrificing the most important thing to a human being, THEIR HEALTH

Without health, that V.P. title doesn’t mean anything. Desire and ambition shouldn’t equal extra pounds, adrenal fatigue, gut issues or hypertension.
Fast-forward to today…

I’ve worked with professionals ranging from an Interior Designer for HGTV, several C+ level clients, Directors of Human Resources, Senior CRAs, Attorneys, and Entrepreneurs.

I’ve been able to help people go from an average of 1500 emails to less than 20. I’ve been able to help people on the Jack and Crash cycle of caffeine and sugars have high energy all day and sleep like a champ at night.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

To be healthy and productive, skill sets, systems and behavior change are needed to have energy and get your work done effectively, no matter how smart, well-educated, and determined you might be.

It can be done. You can be healthy while building your business. You can have a life while you’re climbing the ladder. You can Work Well and Play More!®

You’ve got to be smart about it. You’ve got to learn new skills, and you MUST make a decision and commitment to do it.

Decide. Commit. Act.

The Power Plan

This plan consists of fitness, nutrition and productivity coaching based on the Work Well. Play More!® System.

I’m not about theories. I’m not woo-woo. I give real, actionable tools and solutions that bring you one step closer to Superhero after each session.

Your family won’t believe it.
Your friends won’t know you.
Your colleagues will want to be you.
And your competition will be scared.

  • Know your WHY for productivity, health and life.
  • Customized strategies based on your fitness level to stop the excuses and rev up your energy.
  • Nutrition recommendations based on your unique health issues. Cease being hangry and eating items masquerading as food and start eating the real thing.
  • Productivity strategies for email, task, time, social media, home and travel management – you will reach Inbox Zero!
  • Three (3) 50-minute virtual sessions via web conferencing
  • Surprise email and text accountability check-ins

*90-day, 6-month and 18-month plans available

Want to see if we’re a good fit? Schedule your Work Well. Play More!® Strategy Session with Marcey.

Talk Doesn’t Cook Rice. Stop talkin’ about cookin’ and heat up the pot.

You played a huge part in saving my life. I was desperate and you helped lead me to fix what I can.

LJ AllenSenior Clinical Research Associate, Midvale, Utah

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