Marcey Rader, Lifestyle Trainer for Mobile Professionals

I consumed this book in one day on four flights and throughout the day was immediately able to implement some of the tips in this book. Marcey’s insights into how we view our health, bodies and productivity (which is all wrong!) and her explanations of the how’s and why’s to change this mindset are easy to grasp and put into action. If you even put 1-2 of her ideas into motion it will be life-altering! Many of these ideas apply to anyone, so even if you aren’t a hardcore business traveler this book is highly recommended! – Erick Kirks, CEO Leapdog Marketing

Marcey Rader has done an outstanding job of addressing virtually every issue that travelers face when it comes to accomplishing their work and enjoying their life if it involves travel! It’s a book every traveler should keep handy, because you’re sure to find new tips and techniques every time you pick it up. It’s fun to read and there are many suggestions you can begin implementing immediately! – Barbara Hemphill, Founder, Productive Environment Institute

I highly recommend this book for everyone, not just for those who travel for a living. I don’t travel regularly for work but who doesn’t want to work smarter and “…Play More”! I appreciated Marcey Rader’s actionable suggestions on making small behavioral changes to improve health and being more productive at work. I started trying Marcey’s tips as I was reading (no need to wait until the end) and saw immediate results. My email inbox is now clean and I no longer have to worry about remembering user names and passwords! What I thought was refreshing about the book was the way Marcey delivers the information with such humor and honesty. I laughed out loud hearing her anecdotes of traveling for work. Marcey’s firsthand experience gives the book great credibility. – Allen Lockwood, Director, Community Health Charities